Joe Johnson Visits Iowa

Joe Johnson, RB out of Valley HS in West Des Moines, Iowa visited Iowa City on Sunday to get a better look at the Iowa program. Read more about Joe, his thoughts on the visit, and his future plans in this premium recruiting update.

Joe Johnson, RB out of Valley HS in Wes Des Moines (Iowa) took a junior day visit to Iowa City this weekend, joining teammate Jake McDonough.

"We got a tour, everything like that," Johnson said of his weekend's activities. "We got to go to some position meetings with the coaches, which was really cool. It was more personal, you could get in touch with the coach a little bit more and see how they talk to you as a runningback, or whatever position you play. We got to see some highlight film."

The pack of juniors took in an Iowa practice as well, which surprised Johnson a bit.

"The practice was great, the intensity was way up there, and it's even just spring," Johnson said. "It was a surprise. Being in high school, we can't even talk as a team, that's against the rules. Just for them to be in practice and being that upbeat already, I'm sure it's going to be evenmore so when it gets to be the fall time."

The highlight of the weekend for Johnson was definitely getting to know the coaching staff on a more personal basis.

"(The best part) was kind of getting a feel for the coaching staff outside of the normal junior day, outside of camps," Joe said. "I've gone to camp there the last two years. It was really good to see them outside of that setting, in an actual football practice setting, in that mode."

Joe has a trip planned to Illinois in April, but nothing else set in stone right now.

Johnson said he's hearing from Illinois, Notre Dame, Kansas, Kansas State, Purdue, Iowa, Louisville, and Iowa State, but denies any early leaders.

"I'm just trying to enjoy high school right now, wherever stuff comes from is nice," he said.

Johnson is hoping for an offer to come soon, but will most likely wait until after his senior season before making a decision.

"I'm going to see what comes out of my senior season," he said. "This year I got a lot of playing time, I started, but I was also splitting time with the other senior running back. I want to see how I can do next year on my own."

Johnson's summer workout plan is focusing mainly on quickness.

"I have pretty good speed, but I'm not the quickest right off the bat," he said. "I kind of pick up speed a little later. My 40 time is down, but I'd like to get that down a little more and get a little bigger."

We'll check in with Joe throughout the spring and summer to see how his recruitment is going.

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