Fort Worth Foursome

Could this group be the next in line of famous groups of four. Maybe they won't be the Four Horsemen or the Fearsome Foursome, but they may become the most celebrated quartet in Iowa history. Here is part two on's special feature on Fort Worth Dunbar High School.

This is the second part of the "Will these stars in Texas shine on Iowa" story from yesterday.

The emergence of Clinton Solomon as a rising star at Iowa adds to the speculation of Iowa being able to recruit some friends of his from Fort Worth.

"I think we sacked Clinton 12 times last year as Dunbar beat Eastern Hills, 32-6. You could tell that he was a special kind of athlete, but we knew that if we stopped him, his team was history", said Bob Jones, Head Football Coach at Fort Worth Dunbar. "I know that Clinton is friends with several of my players. Although that may help Iowa some, that won't be the deciding factor. Some of these guys can literally go anywhere they want", added Jones.

Coach Jones expanded by saying "The reason that my guys may go to Iowa is the people. Ron Aiken is one of the hardest working coaches that I know. Kirk Ferentz will return Iowa to their glory days. No question about it! The Iowa staff is much like the staff that Dennis Franchionne had at TCU. They are a bunch of hard workers with no airs or pretentiousness about them. The Iowa guys are just extremely likeable."

There is another interloper from the Midwest that is working on the Fort Worth Four. "Barry Alvarez and Wisconsin are also recruiting my kids real hard. I played for Barry when he had his first coaching job at Lexington, Nebraska high school. I always kid Barry that I won a National Championship before he did. I was on the North Dakota State staff when we won in 1985, while Barry didn't win one for another three years as Defensive Coordinator on Lou Holtz's staff at Notre Dame. Although I really like Barry, that won't interfere with Iowa recruiting my players as I really think way too much of Ron Aiken and Kirk Ferentz to do that" added coach Jones.

When I asked Coach Jones what other schools were recruiting his players, he responded, "Get out a pen and a legal pad as this will take you a while to write these down. Alabama, Arkansas, A & M, Colorado, Kansas State, Virginia Tech, Colorado State, Purdue, Iowa State and Baylor have all been in Dunbar and offered", said Jones.

Specifically, the current favorites are as follows:

Michael Turner, RB, is looking at:
Baylor, Colorado, Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas State

Ernest Mason, WR, is looking at: Alabama, Arkansas, Baylor, Colorado, Iowa, Iowa State, LSU, TCU, Wisconsin

Terion Caldwell, FS, is looking at:
Iowa, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Wisconsin

Charleston Gray, OL, is looking at:
Iowa, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Purdue, TCU

"Although this can obviously change, but those are the current favorites that I know at this time. Iowa sits well with all the players. We will just have to see how the season plays out", said Jones.

Coach Jones then had to go to practice to get his players back in the right frame of mind after their disappointing 51-22 loss to Denton Ryan on Friday night. "They were state champs last year and haven't lost a beat. Iowa has also offered the Denton QB, James Battle. He was spectacular for the Raiders, completing 13-of-24 for 239 yards with four touchdowns in addition to rushing for another 26-yard touchdown. Michael Turner was a warrior for us rushing for 119 yards on 21 carries", added Jones.

Expect in-depth coverage of Fort Worth Dunbar all season long at Last year, the Hawks were able to land the vertical athletic ability of Clinton Solomon, will this year provide the speed and physical attributes of the Dunbar stars? Hopefully, these Texas stars will literally be shining down on Iowa!

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