Jarryd Cole Meets with Coach Lickliter

New Iowa Men's Basketball Coach Todd Lickliter wasted little time connecting with recruit Jarryd Cole after taking the job last Tuesday. Lickliter met with the Kansas City power forward on Sunday at the Cole residence looking to see if he could keep him in the fold. Cole gave Lickliter a decision. Read all about it in this HN.com premium update.

For the last few weeks, Jarryd Cole was twisting in the wind wondering if he was wanted.

It didn't take long for new Iowa basketball coach Todd Lickliter to provide Cole with the security and a feeling of worth.

Lickliter called Cole shortly after his introductory press conference in Iowa City last Tuesday and traveled to Kansas City to meet with the Cole family on Sunday.

"I like him," Cole said of Lickliter, who replaces Steve Alford, for whom Cole committed and signed a letter of intent in November. "He came in and laid it on the line. He told us he's dedicated to winning, and that's what I like. I like to be around players and coaches that like to win."

So, did Coach Lickliter convince Cole to stick with his Iowa commitment.

"Oh yeah, I'm there," Cole said. "He's got me."

Cole admitted that it's been a tough few weeks since Alford announced he was leaving for New Mexico.

"When I first heard it, I didn't know what to do," Cole said. "I just decided to lay low and let it come to me. I didn't re-open my recruitment, but I kept open some options."

Had things fallen through with Iowa, Cole had an open invitation to go to Kansas State, he said.

"That was before Coach Huggins left," he said with a chuckle.

Cole received an education on the business side of college basketball. He believed that committing to Iowa was more than committing to a coaching staff.

"Sure it's important who the coach is going to be and the players you're going to be around, but you also look for what the surroundings are like and where you feel comfortable," Cole said. "I like the surroundings and I felt comfortable in Iowa City. It won't be the same as playing for Coach Alford, but I'm very excited to play for Coach Lickliter."

Cole said he knew early on in Lickliter's visit on Sunday that he liked what he was hearing.

"As soon as he started talking about winning, which was right away, he pretty much had me," Cole said. "When you can show people that you're a winner, which he is, you can pretty much sell that to anybody."

Cole said he plans on moving to Iowa City this summer and participating in the PTL.

Cole became the first of three recruits that signed in November to re-commit to the Hawkeyes. Jake Kelly was still looking into his options the last time HN caught up with him, while Dairese Gary said he would ask out of his letter of intent. He had not qualified as of a few weeks ago, but should have received a new test score recently.

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