Huntrods Says Commitment Just Felt Right

I had no plans to call Clint Huntrods on Tuesday evening, with the knowledge of how many media members were likely to contact him. However, it wasn't long until until I heard my cell phone ring. A very happy Clint Huntrods wanted to talk about his commitment. He was pleased to talk to about his decision. Clint is quite a fine addition to the Hawkeye football program.

With every commitment, it is not long before you see Hawkeye fans talking about the recruit and making sure to bring out every good point. A lot of times it will even be carried so far into bragging. With Clint Huntrods, there is no bragging needed. Clint does not ask for glamor or guaranteed respect, he earns everything. That includes the two scholarship offers he had from both Iowa and Iowa State, which led to his verbal commitment to the Hawkeyes.

"I do not believe my comfort level could grow any further with the Hawks," Clint said. "I had told you I was just waiting for the right time to announce my decision, and it just finally felt like the right time. I wanted to make my decision earlier as I have enough on my mind with the current season and a new opponent every week. Now its finally over with."

Growing up in Collins, IA, Clint has always been right in the middle of Cyclone country. Certainly, it would not be hard to imagine Clint attempting to run and hide with his decision to move east to the Hawks. That is not Clint's style, and it showed with the actions he took in making his decision.

"My coach and I drove to Ames to let them know of my intended decision. Then, we took off for Iowa City and got there while the offensive coaches were having a meeting. Eric Johnson took us into the meeting, and after some small talk, I let all the coaches know of my decision. It was a special feeling to have them all there to hear of my decision and shake all their hands. I even got to go into the defensive meeting later," Clint added.

It would not have been crazy for Clint to wait for the Iowa State game to get a little better indication of both in-state programs, but it shows you Clint's pride in being a Hawkeye. Also, Clint had recently taken an unofficial visit to Nebraska where he could have waited for a scholarship to possibly open.

"Don't get me wrong, Nebraska is a very exciting place to be. The atmosphere is just unreal there on football Saturday's, but it lacked that something special that I saw in Iowa."

That special something Clint viewed Iowa probably worked both ways when Coach Ferentz and staff were watching game film. Clint and his teammates are currently 1-0 at Baxter, and Hawk fans should definitely make the drive if given a chance to support their newest Hawkeye this fall. Clint has made the statement this is the Hawkeye state, and hopefully results will help prove his case this Saturday.

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