Spring Game: Dominique Douglas Q & A

Dominique Douglas had a break out year for Iowa in 2006, and was a freshman all American in the process. He is now a veteran of the receiving corps, though he will only be a sophomore. Douglas talked about that role, in addition to staying focused on academics, the receiving corps as a whole and more in this Q&A from Saturday's Spring practice, Douglas' first conversation with the media...

Q: Did you enjoy the ride last year being the guy that no one talked about in the recruiting class?

Dominique Douglas: Definitely. I thanked the coaches for giving me a chance and I worked hard from day one and the coaches stayed on me. I want us to do better than that, as a group.

Q: How does it feel to be coming back as a veteran as a sophomore?

Douglas: It doesn't feel like that. This is my first spring. It's crazy, but you learn that you have to set your bar higher and get better in some aspects.

Q: Did you have anything to say to the media last year? Kirk never made you available to speak with us.

Douglas: I would have just laughed the whole time. I didn't know what to say. Everything happening to me was like a dream. I couldn't believe it.

Q: Were you wondering why you were not talking to the media, or did Kirk explain it?

Douglas: He told me that he was going to keep me back from the media and I laughed. I didn't have a problem with it.

Q: Kirk said in a press conference a few weeks ago that he spoke to you after the year and warned you not to become a jerk. He joked about it. What was that about?

Douglas: Nothing much. Just he didn't want me to get to the media and say wild things. Coach knows me and that I love my team and that things I say will be about my team.

Q: Was it tough to adjust to being the big man on campus last year right away, and did you change at all?

Douglas: I didn't change. I stayed humble. When you stay humble, nothing can boost your head up. I stay humble and things were regular to me. I just have to get my school stuff together.

Q: How is receiving corps doing?.

Douglas: The whole group is coming along. We have to be more consistent, as you saw we dropped a lot of balls. We can be a dangerous group if we can be more consistent.

Q: You played more with two's today. What do you have to do to get back with the one's?

Douglas: I had a few problems with school early in the semester. Right now I am cleaning that up and its going good. The coaches have been on me and I have been on myself. I will definitely be OK for the fall. I love it too much. I will probably go to summer school to have something to do, but I will be fine.

Q: What were the classes that you had trouble with?

Douglas: Umm, let's see…

Q: Same reporter: Let's see if I can relate to it.

Douglas: It was an acting class.

Q: How did you screw that up (laugh)?

Douglas: To tell you the truth, I wasn't focusing on the school like I should have been. I was more focused on football and things, not knowing that if you don't get the school down, you won't be out here.

Q: Maybe that's why Kirk kept media away.

Douglas: It probably was. Everything is cleaned up now.

Q: Were you serious about acting?

Douglas: No. (Laughs)

Q: Did the coaches talk about focus and did they remind you that that is what can happen, that the dream can be taken away like what happened with Clinton Solomon after his first year where he played as a true freshman then had to go the Juco route?

Douglas: Definitely. That is the example that they used. I don't want to go through that. When I got the grades back, it shocked me. But I was like, "OK, you have to get yourself together." I have been studying, I will be fine.

Q: How big was it for the group when Andy Brodell had the back to back breakout games to end the year? Does that make it easier on all of you this year?


Q: That shows everyone that we are a dangerous group. It's not a one man team here, everyone here can do it.

Douglas: How is catching balls from Jake different than Drew?

Q: He is no different. Both are great guys and good leaders. No different.

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