Spring Game: Jake Christensen Q & A

After being the backup to Drew Tate for one year, Jake Christensen is ready to step into the spotlight as Iowa's starting quarterback in 2007. Jake spoke to the media following Saturday's spring practice, and the transcript is contained in this item...

Q: Where do things stand with the team now that spring drills are over?

Jake Christensen: I think we have a lot of work to do, but for the most part we improved. But we are no where near where we will be in the fall.

Q: Have you done this before, where people want you to sign their cell phone, and they want stickers from your helmet?

Christensen: Not so much. But it's all good. The fans are obviously great motivators for us. They come out and get us excited like they are.

Q: Today the great unveiling of Tyler Gerstadt? (Tight end, #90 during practice)

Christensen: Yeah, Tony and Brandon are hurt. But Tyler has come along well and he just got moved there this spring. He is going to be a good option for us.

Q: Does it underscore the importance of tight ends in Iowa's scheme?

Christensen: Yeah, we got the ball to the tight end a lot last year. Tight end will always be open in the Big Ten, it's funny that way. Not against our defense actually, against other teams the tight end opens up a lot.

Q: You could see you on the sidelines last year, into the games mentally. Can that apply to helping you prepare for being on the field this year?

Christensen: When you are not in the game you get mental reps. It's hard, because you get lost watching the ball and those things, but you try and get the mental reps, read the defense, and it prepares you well when you get your chance.

Q: Talk about experience you had after seeing time against Northern Illinois…then against Minnesota and Texas, you were put into those games in some tough spots, but it didn't get you down.

Christensen: No. You are going to make mistakes, its how you come back that determines how good you are, I feel. Making mistakes is a part of the learning process.

Q: Dominique Douglas ran with the two's today, but he caught a lot of passes.

Christensen: He will catch the ball. He is not a question mark. He will make plays for us like he did last year.

Q: How hard was it to get that taste against NIU, your first taste in a couple years, then you went back to holding the clipboard.

Christensen: It was tough. But the coaches make the right decision. If they feel like Drew gave us the best chance to win, they know what they are doing. They get paid a lot to coach the team, and I don't question that.

Q: How can you prepare between now and camp in August to get better?

Christensen: We have to keep watching film and keep working on our mechanics. I have a long way to go and hopefully we can get there soon.

Q: Do you guys organize things on your own?

Christensen: We will lift three or four days a week and we throw after that. I will say something to them to go throw after we lift and we throw in the bubble.

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