Spring Game: Kirk Ferentz Q &A

Saturday was the conclusion to Iowa's 2007 Spring football practice sessions, and head coach Kirk Ferentz provided one final look as to how things played out over the course of Iowa's 15 practices....

Q: So what can you say about today?

Kirk Ferentz: I thought (TE) Tyler Gerstadt did a good job catching the ball, Mike Sabers got some work. The only real lowlight of the spring was Rob Bruggeman. We lost him on Wednesday afternoon in a non-contract drill. He is having ACL repair this week and it's a shame because he was doing real well. Outside of that things were good.

Q: Is he still going on scholarship?

Ferentz: We still will. He has earned it. That is one of the first things we told him after, because I hadn't told him yet. He has earned it. It is a blow to our team, but he will be back.

Q: Talk about Brett Greenwood's progress.

Ferentz: He is getting there. He is like a lot of the younger players. He hustles and works hard. He did a nice job, but like a lot of our guys he is not ready to play. He is doing a nice job today though.

Q: The receivers got a lot of work today.

Ferentz: We threw the ball around a little bit. I thought we pass blocked OK, and the receives dropped a few but made some plays. We worked the quarterbacks hard all spring. That might be why our running game is behind.

Q: Talk about the kicking game.

Ferentz: It was good to get outdoors. We have been inside a lot. They had a chance to perform outside with the elements and the fans here, that was great. I think that both guys did a good job. Ryan Donahue too, they are representative of our team. They show some things at times but they don't have the consistency. That is a challenge for all of us, to improve a lot and get ready for September to come around.

Q: Which is further along, offense or defense?

Ferentz: I am not good at that game. Probably the defense. You expect that with eight guys back. They were more crisp and confident. The offense will get there.

Q: Now that this is over, what is next?

Ferentz: The next three weeks they will train with Chris. That is an important phase for us. The younger guys, and all of the guys, we have plenty of tape available. For the guys that haven't played much, this is valuable. The tape means more now to them than it would have 15 practices ago. They have a better sense of what needs to be done. Quarterbacks are a good illustration, but everyone can benefit from studying and asking questions.

Q: Did you find your five best offensive linemen this spring?

Ferentz: We rotated some groups with the ones. We have done that all spring. We are still evaluating. Outside of Seth Olson, no one has really, Seth is rock solid. Whether he will be a guard or tackle I don't know, but he will be one of the five.

Q: Douglas worked out with the two's today, what does he have to do to get back?

Ferentz: He will be fine. He worked both groups a little bit. He will be fine. We are really confident that he will be a good player for us this year.

Q: Wilson was with the two's as well.

Ferentz: We are looking at all of those guys, the same thing with the receivers. We have a handful of receivers in the mix. DB's right now, all four safeties, it's a jump ball with those guys. We will look at tape from today, and see where they are at. We will let them all continue to compete.

Q: Talk about Ken Iwebema, after his shoulder problems from last year.

Ferentz: I think the good news is that he and Mitch are both healthy. They weren't the entire season last year. They both had good springs. Kenny missed one day, with something with his foot. Outside of that, he got back last Saturday and was full speed. Mitch has really had a good spring. That is good to see.

Q: Edds looked like he was doing some good things at linebacker.

Ferentz: He is doing well, but that one is open too. He has Jeremiha Hunter, Gavin McGrath and Jeff Tarpinian missed the spring but he will be back. He is in the mix too.

Q: How is Adrian Clayborn looking?

Ferentz: He is doing well. He sprained his ankle to start. He and Chad Geary were out fopr five or six days and they had a setback. Adrian works hard and we are really going to need both of those guys to grow and improve in camp and I think they will.

Q: What can you say about Jake Christensen's spring?

Ferentz: I think solid overall. I think he did well today for the most part. He has to see some things faster and quicker, and part of that is that we have not done a lot of game planning. He made a check or two today that would be different in the fall, but at least he saw it and is thinking. But we are not game planning each other right now. He is doing a good job.

Q: Were you pleased with how he took care of the ball?

Ferentz: He is for the most part. He had a few throws that were wild at times, about a week ago. But he has made good decisions and has been taking care of the ball in the pocket and center exchanges. The younger guys, I can't say that, the ball has been on the ground more than it needs to be. We took a sack in the red area today, things like that you can't do obviously.

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