Inside The LockerRoom: Iowa State Aftermath

Losing to Iowa State is never easy for Hawk fans, but the loss that occurred last Saturday may be the hardest to swallow in the rivalry's history. However, there is still some good to point to last weekend, especially on the recruiting front. Get all the latest on the aftermath of this weekend.

People have discussed that Iowa lacked the playmaker that Iowa State held in QB Seneca Wallace. I do not agree with that statement and those were the same beliefs held by many around Iowa City. Fred Russell's injury was a huge loss to the Hawkeyes, and it was the next play after he left which resulted in the first Hawkeye fumble. Iowa's offensive line was too physical, and Fred's explosiveness through the hole was allowing many big runs to open up. Iowa State was better suited against the power running style of Greving. Jermelle Lewis also did not display Fred's quickness. I think Fred Russell showed he is clearly the best running option for the Hawks at this time, and right now there is strong hope he will be back for Penn State.

Speaking of Penn State, how hard will it be for the Hawks to win three straight? Penn State is currently carrying a lot of momentum, but this a game where the Hawks can really rebound to make a statement. This by far is looking like the most interesting game of the Hawkeye season as it should dictate the Hawks' confidence heading into other conference games.

When will Maurice Brown finally become the #2 WR? That is a question being raised around Iowa City, and many are wondering why he was not used more late in the game, much like the scenario of Kahlill Hill against Michigan last year. Coach Ferentz is still being patient to make sure Mo has turned the corner, but it may now be time for Maurice to be on the field at all times. Ed Hinkel is going to be a very good receiver at Iowa, but he does not seem to possess the comfort level of Maurice or CJ on the field. I would expect to start seeing the Hawks air the ball out much more this weekend.

Recruiting was a plus this past weekend as the atmosphere impressed many in attendance. Byron Williams had strongly considered committing while on his visit to Iowa City. While no decision has been reached yet, there could be news by the end of this week. Byron let know of his intentions to make a decision within two weeks after his visit.

Speaking of Camden Catholic, there are some very talented youngsters to be looking for in the future. has already announced the name of sophmore 6'1 180 WR Marcus Wilson (nephew of LB Coach Darrell Wilson), but there are two juniors to watch out for this spring. 6'1 200 RB Qauron Barge is going to be among the best on the east coast, and he showed reason why last Friday with 192 yards on 28 carries, including two touchdowns. DT Rob Kilowski, 6'3 305, is another prospect that has already warranted D1 interest.

Herb Grigsby had a very good official visit, but will wait to make some more visits to Arizona and Oklahoma State. Herb was accompained on his visit by his older brother, Scipio. Reportedly, the thrill of Herb's visit occurred when he received the chance to meet Merton Hanks during dinner at Coach Ferentz's house on Sunday. Merton was back in Iowa City and seemed to make a very fashionable impact on both visitors.

The Iowa State loss is going to be hard to swallow as many will continue to hear the words of the CycloneNation. However, there is still a lot of football yet to be played. The Hawks are still in contention for the Big Ten title, and I still believe this team is talented enough to come away with eight or nine victories. It should be interesting to see how this team rebounds after letting this past game slip by.

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