Cougill Meets with New Iowa Staff

Sioux City Heelan big man Brennan Cougill ranks as one of the top players in the state for the class of '09. The former staff at Iowa had been working on him, and new coach Todd Lickliter and his assistants have jumped right in with Cougill. caught up with the Heelan star and asked him about his recruitment and where things are headed. Read all about it in this Premium Recruiting Feature.

About the closest Brennan Cougill will come to tipping his hand regarding his potential college choice is revealing his favorite school while growing up.

"I grew up a Hawkeye fan," the 6-foot-9, 255-pound center from Sioux City Heelan said.

A recruit in the class of 2009, Cougill plans on seeing what is out there before ending the recruiting process.

"I'm approaching it that I'm not going to name favorites," he said. "I'm going to keep my head clear."

Cougill reports that Iowa, Iowa State, Northern Iowa, Tennessee, Kansas and Notre Dame are pursuing him right now. He has not received any scholarship offers.

"When I feel right and when I've looked at all of my options, I'll know it's time," Cougill said. lists Cougill as a three-star recruit, while Voices On Line - - tabs him as the sixth best center in the nation among sophomores.

Iowa has been recruiting Cougill for some time and he has visited Iowa City on several occasions. But that was with the old coaching staff with which he formed a good relationship.

The new coaches, including head coach Todd Lickliter, have gone to work on Cougill. He visited Iowa unofficially last Friday.

"It's a good coaching staff and (Lickliter has) got a lot of history," Cougill said. "He usually brings good teams to the tournament."

Cougill also has set up unofficial visits with Iowa State and UNI in June and plans on unofficially visiting Marquette this summer. He visited Kansas for a game last season.

Cougill plays for the Iowa Barnstormers AAU program with both the 16-and-under and 17-and-under squads. Zach and A.J. Derby from Iowa City are in the program as is Kaylon Williams from Cedar Rapids Kennedy.

While he's not ready to list his favorite schools, Cougill describes what he's looking for in a college.

"I'm interested in the quality of the program, the history and if I can get a good education," Cougill said. "I'd also like to know the style of play and how many scholarships they have available for ‘09."

What style is Cougill looking to play?

"My style of play is more of a team style of play," he said. "That's where I think I fit in best right now."

Cougill said that his game still is evolving.

"I'm better with my back to the basket, but I've gotten better where I've been able shoot the jumper and be at the high post," he said.

Cougill also is interested in hearing from more schools and hopes his summer play will bring more suitors.

"I feel like I'm still showcasing myself," he said.

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