Staggs Visits Iowa, Missouri

Steven Staggs, a speedy 6-2, 183 pound WR/DB out of Oskaloosa (Iowa) HS has taken his first two Summer camp visits, to Iowa and Missouri. Read about those visits in this premium recruiting update.

Steven Staggs, a 6-2, 183 pound WR out of Oskaloosa (Iowa) HS spent Saturday and Sunday traveling around the Midwest, hitting camps at Iowa and Missouri. First up was Iowa, on Saturday.

Staggs was one of only 3 receivers at Iowa's camp, and got plenty of reps. He tweaked his ankle late in the day, but didn't feel it hindered his movement too much. Staggs said because of the limited numbers, they were able to work a lot more in-depth on route running and chemistry with the quarterback.

"(Iowa) told me that I was one of their top prospects and that they liked what they saw on Saturday," Staggs said. "I'm going to call my recruiting coach, Coach Morgan, later in the week. He's going to talk to me a little more about it, see if he wants me to come to the actual padded camp and get a little more visibility for them."

Missouri's camp was a bit more crowded, which limited his reps, but Staggs ended up working most of the day at defensive back.

"We got some instructions on drills, some of the NFL combine receiver drills. We did some agility stations, then did some defensive drill work. I worked out a DB and did the DB drills," said Staggs, who said he will start at both WR and CB this coming year for his high school team.

"At the end of camp I talked with Coach Yost and he said they were going to bump up their number of scholarships they'd give out to receivers this year," Staggs said. "He said they needed to evaluate everyone, but to give him a call later this weekend."

Staggs is just beginning his summer camp tour, with scheduled stops at Iowa State, Nebraska, Kansas and Kansas State yet to go.

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