Wes Kemp Chooses Badgers

Wes Kemp, a 4-star WR out of DeSmet Jesuit HS in St Louis, Missouri has given his verbal commitment to play for the Wisconsin Badgers. Read more about Wes, his thoughts on Wisconsin, and his connection to two other top Midwest prospects in this premium recruiting update.

Wes Kemp, one of the top WR prospects in the Midwest, has given his verbal commitment to play for the Wisconsin Badgers.

The 6-4, 223 pound WR out of DeSmet Jesuit HS in St. Louis, Missouri chose the Badgers earlier than expected.

"I had this feeling, one of those deep gut feelings for a while. I'd had it for a couple months now," Kemp said. "I wanted to take my officials, but sometimes you just get those gut feelings. I felt so strongly about it, I decided to get it over with right now."

Kemp said the coaching staff made a great impression him, his father and his coach.

"I prayed about it and I just got off the phone talking to my parents about it," Kemp said. "It just seems like the best place for me. My coach, he always talked about all the schools. He also seemed passionate about Wisconsin. This is a guy who didn't go to the school, but he just had a feeling about them too. When somebody like your coach, somebody you look up, talks about a school like that, you've got to heed it and listen to that.

"My Dad was real high on them (too), he had a good feeling about the coaches when we met Coach Bielema and Coach Mason. All those things factored into my decision."

Even though his decision came early, Kemp did quite a bit of research into his final destination.

"I visited a lot of schools, looked at a lot of schools and talked to a lot of people," he said. "Just looking at their program and how St. Louis kids have done there, they've always been successful. Coach Mason, the WR coach, has a good history with developing great WRs like Chambers, Lee Evans, Brandon Williams and guys like that.

"As far as their academic program, they have one of the top business schools in the country. That's what I'm going into. It was a combination of everything."

Kemp's decision came just days after his good friend Jason Ford, another top offensive prospect from the St. Louis area committed to the Iowa Hawkeyes. Ford did his best to try and bring his buddy with him to Iowa City.

"(Jason) had been talking to me about it, Jason is one of my good friends," Kemp said. "He just told me the good things about Iowa. He just tried to give me info about them and tell me they're a really good school. He had one of those feelings that you have about something or somebody. He just knew Iowa was the place for him, that's why he made his decision; it was the best thing for him."

Kemp felt the same way about Wisconsin.

"He was talking about how he had been feeling that way about Iowa, and I said, ‘Dang, I've been feeling that way about Wisconsin for a long time.' He made his decision, and it may not be where all your friends are going, but you've got to make the decision that's best for you. That's what I did."

Kemp said Iowa finished second, followed by Illinois.

Robert Steeples, who is friends with both Wes Kemp and Jason Ford, will likely be hearing from his friends in the upcoming days and weeks as he tries to make a decision. Steeples holds offers from Missouri, Mississippi and most recently Northwestern. In addition, he's hearing strongly from Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Steeples is scheduled to be in Iowa City for at least a visit on Wednesday.

"From what I hear, he's going to the camp," Kemp said. "I'm not sure if he'll be able to perform at the camp, because he'd injured his hip and he's real tight. To risk injury at a camp when he already has offers on the table just isn't worth it right now.

"He really does like Iowa when we took a visit to them. That's why he's taking a second visit up there."

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