Miles Smith Attends Iowa Camp

Miles Smith, a 6-foot, 185 pound linebacker turned safety attended his first ever college camp on Wednesday when he visited Iowa City. Read about Smith's experience on the day, his plans for the future and more in this premium recruiting update.

Miles Smith was in attendance at yet another of Iowa's summer camps on Wednesday in Iowa City. Smith had been to campus before, but hadn't gotten a chance to really look in depth, something he was able to do this time thanks to an early arrive.

"When I visited before, we went through everything, but not really," Smith said. "This was an in-depth look. It's pretty nice with everything, I like how they do things. I got to see the stadium. I didn't get to see the stadium the first time I went up, and that stadium is amazing. I had no idea.

"You don't expect it to be that big, and it just keeps going and sinking. With how close the sideline, where the players are to where the fans are, it's really close. I can imagine why it's so hard to play there. That was pretty good. We watched some videos on how their players were, that was pretty cool."

After the tour, the players got out on the field to show their skills.

"When we got to the actual camp part, it was a hot day, that's for sure. It went pretty good, overall," Smith said. "It was a bit tougher, because half the people there didn't have any pads. It was tough going padded guys against not padded guys, in the one-on-ones. After my nerves went down a bit and I settled down, everything ended up being OK."

Smith said that because this was his first camp, there were some drills he had never done before, but he said he could on by the end.

Miles, who played LB last season, worked out at safety, where he'll play this fall. After playing last year at around 205 pounds, had slimmed down to 185 pounds, with only 9% body fat. The coaching staff seemed interested, talking with Smith during the camp and setting up another conversation soon.

"It was kind of busy, I got to talk a little bit," Smith said. "All the people were very nice. We talked about everything. I'm supposed to call Coach Erb next week, my recruiting coach, next week. We'll see how things are going then."

Could an offer be coming soon for Miles?

"I honestly have no idea," he said. "This was my first camp I've ever gone to, so my nerves were a little iffy. I don't think I did well enough to get an offer, but I think I did good enough to keep them interested."

Smith plans to attend camp at Illinois on the June 21st, and Wisconsin on June 25th.

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