Jerrah Young Comments From AAU Coach Kevin Bush

Want to get to know all you can about Jerrah Young before he arrives this evening in Iowa City? caught up with Ferrari Youth AAU Head Coach Kevin Bush and captured all the credentials you'll want on Mr. Young. What type of player could the Hawks be potentially adding to their roster?

During last season, many spoke very highly of the defensive abilites of red-shirt freshman Marcellus Sommerville. Now with his departure, the Hawks are looking to add a new potential defensive gem in this class, and may have struck gold with their scouting of Jerrah Young.

"Defense is definitely Jerrah's best forte to speak of," Coach Bush stated. "He runs the floor very well and has the uncanny ability to block shots for his size. If he ends up at Iowa, he will be an upgrade on the defensive end for the Hawks."

Jerrah is an excellent prospect to consider both on and off the court. No one would question that Jerrah has the character that would bring another positive influence to this program.

"He has carried straight A's all through high school. He is just one of those kids that just has intelligence within himself. We work hard as an AAU team to prepare our players as we will usually hand out an ACT pre-exam after this freshman season. Jerrah just happens to be one of our best overall kids."

The question always with athletic wing players is how well can they shoot the ball?

"Jerrah has struggled at times with his shot," Coach Bush added. "He can shoot the ball; however; as it is usually just a confidence factor with these kids. Jerrah is a solid 6'6, though, and his weight usually fluctuates between 195 and 205. He is a good rebounder coming off the wing, but we also saw a bit of that at times when we put him at the four position. He will need to put on mass, but he has the frame to do so as he gets older."

Jerrah sounds like an intriguing prospect, to say the least. Will the Hawks go forward and try to add his ability and character to the team? We are now just a little more than a month away from Signing Day. will have the latest developments on recruiting. Stay tuned!

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