Marc Lucarini Updates Summer Progress

Marc Lucarini has been visiting plenty of camps lately, showing off his impressive arm and accuracy. We check in with Marc to see how his visits to Iowa and Maryland went, talk about his relationships with a few Iowa players, and more in this premium recruiting Q&A

How was your visit down to Iowa?

It was good, it was a nice experience. A bit rough getting out there, but it was nice. I loved the campus, everything was nice. The coaches seemed to like me a lot, showed me a lot of attention. I know one of the players, Marcus Wilson, who'll probably start at safety next year. I played with him at Camden Catholic, he was a senior when I was a freshman, and we played two games together when I started for Varsity for two games.

The workout was nice, Coach Wilson showed me around after the workout, the facilities and stuff like that. The locker room, the weight room, stuff like that. All-in-all they told me they had to go through the evaluation process and then they'd tell me what they would do as far as offering me.

Are they waiting for senior film, or are they going to make a decision with what they've got?

I think they're going to watch the film one more time, then see what they have on me and what they're going to do.

Who else is in your top 3 or 4?

I went to Iowa, then I was at Maryland on Tuesday. Me and my coach went down there. I worked out for them for three hours on Tuesday. They told me they liked me a lot. After the workout I was talking with Coach Donovan for a while. He took me around on his golf cart for a little bit, he showed me around just to see the campus and stuff like that. I saw the field house on their junior day. They seem the most interested. They want to go through film one more time, then they'll let me know what they're going to do after they've evaluated everybody. He just let me know that he's going to evaluate all the QBs. They need to offer someone who they feel is going to commit, because they've offered two guys that have already taken them off their list. He's kind of getting frustrated.

Are you hoping to get the recruiting stuff out of the way when that first offer or two comes in?

When the first offer comes in, I'm not going to jump right on it, I'm probably going to sit back and wait. Not long, but I'm just going to see what happens. Once one comes, I don't want to rush into it. Say Maryland offers me, I might call Iowa and say, "Maryland offered me, I want to make a decision, what are you guys going to do?" Just letting them know that I have an offer on the table and I'm not going to be scared to take it. If they offer me, that'd be great. I'm just waiting for my first offer, I'm not rushing anything.

On the field, what kind of player are you, a pocket guy, moving the pocket around to get a throw, etc?

Our offense has been based on pocket passing. I read defenses well, I find holes in the defense. Lately I've been getting on the move a lot. I gained a couple pounds and got used to my weight. I work really well on the run. It was funny, we did a couple rollout passes down in Maryland, and my coach was with me. He said, "Wow, I never knew you could throw on the run like that." It's never in our offense to throw on the run. When I get in trouble, I can move around and throw on the run. If you watch film, it's mostly in the pocket, stuff like that.

Are coaches giving you anything to work on, anything you need to improve before your senior season?

I haven't anybody really say, "You need to work in this." A lot of coaches are impressed with my arm strength, being able to throw a 15-yard out without a hitch taking a 5-step drop. They know I can throw out of the shotgun because my film shows that. When I go to their school, they see I can take a 3-step drop, hit and throw, 5-step drop, hit and throw. No problem throwing any route, because I have a strong arm. Maryland was really impressed with that, I didn't know if they were worried about that, but they were impressed with my arm strength, my accuracy, and timing. Syracuse said they'd like to see me on the rollout a bit more during the season. I'm sure my coach will put a couple run plays in there too.

Iowa hits New Jersey pretty hard with Darrell Wilson, how does that relationship work in the recruiting process?

Me and Coach Darrell Wilson have a good relationship. He's been talking to me since my sophomore year. Marcus Wilson, his nephew, he goes to Iowa now. He was from Camden Catholic, he played WR and S. I talk to him a lot, in touch over the internet. When I was there we hung out a lot. We went out, went to dinner, stuff like that. He was just telling me how it is. He took me around the campus, stuff like that. We get a lot of good feedback from the school. My buddy that I played with, Mike Daniels from Highland, he's down there too. I talk to him, those are two guys that I have a good relationship with. I know they wouldn't lie to me about it just because they're down there. From what I hear, it's great down there. It's kind of in an isolated area, but when I was down there, the area with the campus is really nice.

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