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Welcome to the message board forums.... Tens of thousands of Iowa fans from around the world have made these forums their online Hawkeye home, and we appreciate that support......

We appreciate that you have chosen to make a part of your daily Hawkeye online experience. We hope that you enjoy the discussion. We have a few basic and simple rules that we ask people to follow. Posts found to be outside of the boundaries set forth below may be deleted, and users that continually disregard the posting rules may be banned.

Criticism is allowed, but it needs to be respectful and it needs to be above the third-grade recess name calling level. Simply posting that ‘so and so sucks' requires no imagination, intelligence or skill. Such posts will be removed. Debate can be enjoyable, so please construct your posts in a manner that fosters debate and discussion, as opposed to posts that instigate flame wars.

Posting distasteful comments, pictures, etc about Iowa players, coaches or opponents will not be tolerated. This includes name calling.

Repetitive negative posts may be removed by site administrators. Again, see rule #1, but understand that people can see your post, and you don't need to keep starting new ones, or making new posts, that say the same thing over and over. If the posts on the same topic continue to come from the same people, that will be viewed as piling on, or making things personal, and that will not be tolerated.

Criticism of site staff is fine if you have issues with our opinions on matters related to Iowa sports. Criticism of site staff with regards to how we run the site is also fine, if you email your concerns. My email address is, or you can send me a private message through this site. There are tens of thousands of people that visit this site to read about and discuss things related to Iowa athletics, not to read about someone being irritated with how this site is moderated. Concerns that are sent to us via email or private message will be read and responded to. Concerns that are posted may be removed, because they are not on topic.

Posts that devolve into flame wars and name calling between fellow posters may be locked and or deleted. This is a forum about Hawkeye athletics, not about you and your disagreements with fellow posters.

Once again, no repetitive negative posting: Get your point out, that's fine. But going over the same old ground post after post, day in and day out may result in post deletion and possible user banishment.

Again, we appreciate folks that make this site a part of their daily Iowa Hawkeye experience, but it is a private business entity. We realize that not every decision we make will be supported by every visitor to the site, and we will moderate the forums in a fashion that we deem necessary. We insist on folks at least respecting those that they disagree with. We also insist that the players that commit so much time and energy bring entertainment to each of us be treated with respect as well. Just as there are rules that require you to wear a shirt and shoes in most private businesses, there are rules that go along with posting on this forum.

If you feel that you cannot conduct yourself on these forums within the guidelines set forth, we certainly appreciate your wanting to be a part in our community, but we respectfully ask that you find another website to call home.

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