2007 Football Roster By the Numbers

The official 2007 Iowa Football roster was released online late Monday afternoon, and as has become an annual breakdown at HawkeyeNation.com, we take a look at some of the notable weight gains in addition to other key observations from our first look at this year's roster...

For a numbers guy like me, I always look forward to the summer day that lists the next season's Iowa football roster, and bids farewell to the old one.


It's not that I don't care about the players that are no longer on the roster, but I like to see things like weight gains, incoming freshmen weight numbers (to be compared to the rest of their careers), number assignments (which really have no real value other than being a fan) and other aspects.


Well, Monday, July 16th was that day this year, and the new roster is out.  CLICK HERE to see it for yourself.


I spent some time on Monday night going over the roster and comparing it to last year's roster, among other things, and here are some things I ran across, in addition to sharing observations made by other HawkeyeNation users, namely our resident Iowa football savant Digger01.




#1:  Daniel Murray, a place kicker from Regina, will take over Kyle Schlicher's jersey number.  Murray is listed as a redshirt sophomore, and is 5-10, 175.  Schlicher was 5-9, 184 as a senior last year.

#2:  Jr/DB Harold Dalton is listed at 6-1/201 this year vs 192 pounds last summer

#6:  Jake Christensen is listed at 215 pounds, 10 more pounds than last year. 

#8:  Arvell Nelson did some serious work this past year, if 2006 and 2007 numbers are to be believed.  Last year's media guide listed Nelson at a wispy 175 pounds.  This year's roster has him at 210 pounds.  That can be a lot of things; some work in the weight room, but probably as much as anything, someone putting together a proper diet for Arvell.  That was a shocker, especially at that position, in one year.  35 pounds!

#12:  Rick Stanzi went from 200 to 215

#15:  DJK holding steady at 205

#26: Paul Chaney Jr up 5 pounds to 165

#28:  Damian Sims went from 185 to 200

#33:  Jeff Tarpinian from 205 to 220

#32:  Derrick Smith DOWN 10 pounds to 185 (linebacker to DB mode)

#34: Chris Rowell up 10 to 197

#47: Mitch King steady at 264

#49: AJ Edds up 20 to 244

#51: Tyler Blum up 25 to 285

#53: Matt Kroul up 6 to 277

#74: Dan Doering up 10 to 300

#76: Alex Kanellis up 14 to 295

#81: Tony Moeaki up 4 to 255

#89: James Cleveland up 10 to 195

#92: Ken Iwebema down 3 to 267

#94: Adrian Clayborn up 25 to 275


Defensive Line:  The projected starters and their weights:

-Bryan Mattison:  272 (no change)

-Mitch King:  264 (no change)

-Matt Kroul: 277 +6

-Ken Iwebema:  267 -3


Again, Iowa's defensive line is lacking in the lead department. They average an even 270 pounds, and will probably be giving up, on average, about 30 pounds to their offensive line foes.  And Iowa's depth along the line is scary thin.   It's good to see Adrian Clayborn putting on those 25 pounds, in the 275 range.  A somewhat worrisome thing is that these weights are what the kids are going to carry into camp.  They won't likely play at those weights during the course of the year; they will be even to lighter after two a days.


True Freshman Listings:


3              Diauntae Morrow                 6-0/190                  DB  

4              Jordan Bernstine                  5-11/200                DB

7              Marvin McNutt                    6-4/195                   QB

9              Tyler Sash                             6-1/200                  DB

17            Abe Satterfield                     6-1/180                   DB

20            Cedric Everson                     6-1/175                   DB

22            Colin Sandeman                   6-1/195                  WR

27            Jevon Pugh                           5-10/210               RB

45            Tyler Nielsen                        6-4/215                   LB

46            Christian Ballard                   6-4/270                  DE

51            Dezman Moses                     6-2/215                   LB

55            Jacody Coleman                   6-3/240                  LB

56            Markus Zusevics                 6-5/240                   OL

57            Bruce Davis                          5-11/225 LB

64            Cody Hundertmark              6-4/260                  DT

73            Adam Gettis                          6-4/235                   OL

79            Bryan Bulaga                        6-6/290                  OL

82            Allen Reisner                        6-3/220                   TE

87            Zach Furlong                        6-5/220                   TE

91            Broderick Binns                    6-2/245                  DE

93            Mike Daniels                         6-1/240                   DT

96            Lebron Daniel                       6-2/220                   DE


NOTES:  Morrow, Bernstine and Sash are all solidly built DB's at their age.  Everson at 6-1/175 is a very exciting CB prospect, with the jets he has and the prospects of putting on some muscle and maybe playing at 185 to 190 someday.   Sandeman is 195 pounds out of the chute and runs sub 4.50's.  Jevon Pugh has very solid RB measurables at 5-10/210.  This kid was viewed as a good get by the staff, because had he not suffered an injury in HS, he might not have been there for Iowa's taking late in the game.   Cody Hundertmark, a DT at 260-pounds, that's the same weight Ryan Bain played at his freshman year, and the same as Matt Kroul early in his career.   Bryan Bulaga is an impressive and solid 290; that's not a baby fat 290, either.  Broderick Binns at 245 pounds and quick as a DE is the same weight Howard Hodges played at when he led Iowa in sacks a few years back.


Top Snapper?  

-The roster lists #42 Nick Murphy as being a freshman from Cretin-Durham Hall in Minneaplis, home to current Hawkeye Rafael Eubanks and Broderick Binns.  Here is what his bio says:  Earned three letters for prep football team as linebacker and long snapper . .Helped prep team post 10-1 record as a senior, including perfect 8-0 record in conference play . . . team advanced to state championship as a junior . . . ranked as top snapper at Ray Guy Special Teams camp . . . handled all deep snaps for punts and PAT and field goal attempts as a junior and senior.  That's something to keep an eye on, and noteworthy.  Long snappers are a valuable part of a football team, and they only get noticed when they make a bad snap.  Iowa has had a pretty decent run at this position, and the staff raves about current long snapper, Danny Olszta, who will be a senior this fall.

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