Mossbrucker Pledges Hawkeyes

Trent Mossbrucker, a 2-star kicker out of Mooresville (Ind.) High School has chosen the Iowa Hawkeyes, making him the seventh known commitment of the 2008 class. Read more about his decision, his time with the coaching staff, a fellow Indiana native that helped sway his decision and more in this free Q&A.

Trent Mossbrucker, a 5-10.5, 192 pound kicker out of Mooresville (Ind.) High School has made his intentions known to play for the University of Iowa and Kirk Ferentz. In high school, Mossbrucker plays DB, K, P, and QB, succeeding at all of them, scoring over 35 touchdowns on the offensive side of the ball.

Below is a Q&A with Mossbrucker.

Q: What changed for you to feel comfortable in pulling the trigger?

Trent Mossbrucker: I got a second visit yesterday, I got to meet with some academic counselors. I met with Coach Doyle, the strength coach. He's a great guy. He really knows what he's doing. The thing that put them out in front really was being able to feel comfortable with them as people, and a team obviously, too. I think it's just a great program and I'm really looking forward to getting up there and being able to play for them.

Q: Iowa's had some great kickers in recent memory, were you aware of those guys before Iowa started recruiting you, or was it something you learned about after the staff started contacting you?

Mossbrucker: I knew about Nate Kaeding and Kyle Schlicher was a good guy last year, but obviously with Nate playing for the Chargers, coming from Iowa, being a Groza Award winner, I knew about him. It's good to have people like that in the program, because kids like me coming in like someone to look up to. I do look up to Nate Kaeding. He's obviously a great guy and a great kicker. I ‘m looking forward to trying to follow in his footsteps.

Q: Was he around at all whenever you visited up in Iowa City?

Mossbrucker: I didn't get a chance to talk with him, but I got a chance to talk and meet with Jason Baker. He was here in Indiana, so I got a chance to talk with him. He was a great help to me and a great guy. He gives good advice, stuff like that.

Q: What were your impressions of the staff in general?

Mossbrucker: Coach Johnson, the guy who's recruiting me, is an awesome guy, really down to earth. You can talk to him as a football coach and as a person, which I really like. Coach Lester Erb, the special teams coach and the kicking coach, I got to talk with him a few times, he's the same way. A down-to-earth person, a person you can talk to. Coach Ferentz, obviously, he's a great man. I got a chance to meet with him twice, in the summer and yesterday. I respect him as a person and as a coach. Just from everything everyone has said about him, the way he talked to me and my parents, I have great respect for him and I look forward to continuing my relationship with him.

Q: When you were talking with coaches or taking visits, what were you focused on to help make your decision?

Mossbrucker: The first thing was academics. I think Iowa gives me a great chance to earn a degree and a degree trhat's credible in the working world today. The second thing was feeling comfortable with the coaches. Like I said, they're great people, you can talk to them and everything. Third thing is the program in general, the type of program it is, winning games, playing in bowl games, everything like that. That's something I've dreamed about since I was a little kid, playing in bowl games, that's stuff I've dreamed about since I was a little kid. I think Iowa gives me the best opportunity to do that with the best people around.

Q: Iowa doesn't have a whole lot of players from Indiana on the roster, were you surprised to hear from the Hawkeyes during recruiting?

Mossbrucker: There's not many players from Indiana, that was a surprise to me, because Indiana produces a lot of good football players. Hearing from them really excited me, because I knew the type of program they had. Actually, A.J. Edds is an Indiana player, the same conference I play in, in High School. I know him and I know he's a great football player, he's obviously the type of football player many schools want to recruit. He ended up going to Iowa, so that was kind of a step in the right direction, getting him. I respect him as a football player and as a person.

Q: Who came in second for your services?

Mossbrucker: Definitely IU. IU is a great program. Billy Lynch, the guy who recruited me, he's a great guy. His father, the coach, is a great guy too. Every other coach there was great to me. They're great people over there too. I wish them nothing but luck in their season and the seasons ahead.

Q: Is it a big relief to be done with recruiting so early, to be able to focus on your senior season?

Mossbrucker: Definitely. It's a big burden off my shoulders, not having to worry about where I'm going to school anymore. Picking Iowa is a great thing for me, being able to focus on my senior season, focus on team goals. Just to be a part of the team, be a regular kid now, not have to worry about everything else that comes along with the recruiting.

Q: Are you planning to see any Iowa games in person this year?

Mossbrucker: I'm hoping to make it out for the Syracuse game, it's a night game. It'd be a great time to get up there and check a game out, I haven't seen a game in Kinnick Stadium yet, but I'm really looking forward to seeing that first game.

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