Albert Young Q&A

Albert Young spoke with the media on Wednesday during the final day of the Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon. Read what he had to say about the upcoming season, injuries, Big Ten childhood adversaries and more in this premium transcript.

Q: Teams stacked it last year, especially early in the season. With a new QB, do you expect the same, to take you and Damian away?

Albert Young: We just have to run a little meaner.

Q: What's that mean?

Young: If it's stacked up, run through them.

Q: I don't know much about watches, but that looks nice, what is that?

Young: Some bling bling.

Q: I was over at Coach Ferentz's table, and he talked about how someone came over and said you were talking about two-a-days leading up the bowl?

Young: I said we had one two-a-day.

Q: Oh, just one?

Young: Yeah.

Q: That was enough to get it in, or why did you guys have a two-a-day leading into a bowl? That seems unprecedented.

Young: For one, we needed it, that was obvious. Two, it's the mentality we wanted to take going down to San Antonio. We wanted to get all the practices in. We don't want to have any left over. I think you get what, 11?

Q: It seems like more than that.

Young: I think there's a number. There's a number you get, right?

Q: 15.

Young: That's it? You can only have 15 practices? Only 15 practices.

Q: Did you guys have twenty-some? (Laughs) Is there a violation here?

Young: No, no. I just wanted to know how teams like Ohio State and Florida get prepared for a National Championship game...

Q: Ohio State didn't get prepared.

Young: Well, obviously.

Q: It's all the same. 15 for everybody.

Young: That had to really?.

Q: That's why there's so much talk of you guys playing after Thanksgiving.

Young: That's tough. I can see where that's tough. I didn't realize that. That's a lot of off time.

Q: How long does it take to recite the list of all the things you've hurt, mostly last year, then your first year? Is it a long list for everything that you dinged up or hurt?

Young: What happened was what happened. I sprained my knee last year. Just that swelling, that's it. What was it, like 3 things? It was really only two, to tell you the truth. Everyone looks like the leg as a big thing. I was only out two weeks and it was during camp. I could have played during the season, we just said, "Forget it." Get that right. Everyone says it's two ACLs. It was a leg. For two weeks. It's really only been two things. Everybody makes it out worse.

Q: How do you feel it now?

Young: Good, but ask me at the end of camp.

Q: As a comparison of where you are through the other years, how do you feel now compared to last year or the year before?

Young: Just the same, it's good. I always feel good going into camp.

Q: What have you focused on in terms of improving your game?

Young: I'm always trying to refine my skills, but I think for me, I'm just working with Coach Doyle and his staff. They have plans for guys that have been hurt. Extra work. I've been taking hard to that and really focusing on doing everything right in that aspect that they have us do. Not that I haven't before, but just to be sure, realize that this is really important here. If I'm doing a little drill to help knee stability, things like that, that's just as important as the workout, if not more. I'm waiting for that to work on my knee stability. Just things like that, I definitely focus on.

Q: You've always been a workout guy. Any of the numbers changed, weight wise, speed wise? Lifting wise?

Young: Yeah, but once you get older, your weights don't go up as much, because you're kind of start to reach that point.

Q: How's your speed? That seems to be a question annually with you.

Young: It's always good during the summer, I'm always fine. You get late in the season and things, you're bumped up a little, things change, things happen. That's fine. Supposedly I didn't have any speed my sophomore year, but I led the Big Ten in rushing. I'll take that any day.

Q: You look at you and Damian as being two of the most experienced guys on offense. Is there a way, will there be a way, to see you guys on the field at the same time?

Young: We might. We might. We've got things to do it.

Q: You both, you especially, catch the ball pretty well. It seems like injuries maybe held you back from that last year.

Young: Definitely. Early on in the season, I was doing a lot of that. As I had that sprain, it kind of slowed me down, I couldn't do as much. I didn't get in the slot as much.

Q: More of that this year though?

Young: Definitely, I don't see why not.

Q: Do you remember anything about Dorien Bryant, when he was 10 years old?

Young: I remember...10? That was young. I knew him when he was in high school, how fast he was at the track meets. I saw some of his track meets on TV, watching him in high school. I heard some things about him. I talked to him, called him when we got here. Ohh, wait, I take that back. I played him in little league. I just thought about that. I remember this. There was some little skinny guy running. They had two players that went D1, they had some skinny guy running around that just tore us up. It was funny to find out that was him. I take that back, I remember that.

Q: What level of football was that?

Young: That was the unlimited. I couldn't play in my hometown because they weight limit was 140 pounds. I played for the town next over, they had an unlimited league. It was really like a head start on high school football. There was a lot of talent. A lot. A lot of the guys from that league are in the NFL right now. A bunch of them got drafted last year. Dorien on one team, they beat us twice that year. He wasn't big, that's what I'm not sure why he was playing unlimiteds. I remember playing him.

Q: How fun is it going to be, how big of a deal, to play in Soldier Field, with Gale Sayers, Walter Payton played. How big that for you?

Young: You just made it a lot bigger saying that. (Laughs) It's going to be fun playing in a pro stadium. I haven't seen it, but everybody says it's nice now with the renovations and everything they did. It's exciting, something we're looking forward to.

Q: Maybe don't think of Walter Payton or Gale Sayers, not live up to it, but take the vibe in.

Young: I definitely didn't think about that.

Q: What are some of the improvements you need to make to get your team to the level where it was a couple years ago?

Young: Just the attitude we bring daily. The mindset we bring, to be consistent every day.

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