2007 Iowa Football Media Day is Here

Iowa Football Media Day is the singular event on the Hawkeye calendar that lets you know football season has arrived. Iowa's Media Day is today, Monday, August 6th and HawkeyeNation.com will be there in full force to provide you with an avalanche of interviews, transcripts, videos, audio files and photos...read on to get ready for the action...

Monday, August 6th is Iowa Football Media Day for 2007.

For those of you that have been around HawkeyeNation.com for the last few years, you know that this is one of the two big events that signal the start of a new football season. And we appreciate your visiting the site.

The first such event took place last week in Chicago at the Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon. Hawkeyenation.com produced nearly 20 content items from that event alone, and there were only three Hawkeye players and one coach in attendance.

To see all of the items we produced, the majority of which are available for all users of the site, CLICK HERE

Iowa Football Media Day is a different animal altogether; there will be scores and scores of player interviews and photos, including conversations with Iowa's coaching staff. These items will also be available in multiple formats, including transcripts, audio files and video files, plus numerous photo galleries.

If you haven't checked out our video features, be sure to click on that link above and take in some of those items from the Big Ten event. We will really be expanding our video offerings this year, as those were very popular this past spring.

We look forward to kicking off the 2007 Iowa Football season with you this week, and we hope that you take time to stop by and see what we have to offer.

If you haven't yet joined the thousands of Iowa fans that make HawkeyeNation.com their home and are interested in our membership offering, it also includes a one-year subscription to Sports Illustrated, a year-long subscription to Hawkeye Nation magazine, access to our member's only HN Clubhouse message board and all of the 1,000-plus content items we will be producing over the course of the next year on the website alone; you can get all of this for less than $100.

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For those of you that are already subscribers, again, we very much appreciate your support

So get ready for some Iowa Football; the season is here! We will begin to upload our content items later in the day on Monday.

Best Regards,

Jon Miller

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