Transcript: Chris Rowell

Read what Chris Rowell had to say about Iowa's depth in the defensive backfield, returning starters, senior leadership and more in this premium transcript.

Q: Offseason workouts, what are you seeing now differently than in previous years?

Chris Rowell: Offseason workouts had big changes this year. We did a lot more speed work, a bit more developmental toward speed, working harder. We've got a younger team, DB-wise. We have a lot of vets coming back, especially on offense. Also, the summer workouts, I worked out early in the morning with teammates. We worked out a lot as a team this year, different from the first couple years I've been here.

Q: Explain to me what you learned, you had some guys here for a lot of years. What'd you learn from guys like Miguel and Marcus?

Rowell: I learned a lot from Miguel Merrick, Marcus Paschal, Antwan Allen, Jovon Johnson. This'll be my third year. I learned a lot about leadership, technique, a lot of things defense-wise. I also learned a lot from upper-classmen on the D-Line, linebackers. It's not just my position I'm learning from. I have a lot of people sticking their hands out and helping me also.

Q: You talk about working harder in the off-season. What are some of things you've talked about, what goals do you have? Your teammates, and you personally, what are the goals for the team this year?

Rowell: Goals for the team this year, one, is to have a championship-caliber team this year.

Q: Does Iowa have that?

Rowell: I feel that we do. We have returning RBs, a new QB, but we bring back most of our offense, our DL, our LBs are coming back, and we have a lot of safeties right now in contention to start. We have two main-stays at CB, Charles Godfrey and Adam Shada.

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