Transcript: Anton Narinskiy

Anton Narinskiy spoke with the media on Monday at Iowa's annual Media Day event. Read what he had to say about team goals, his unusual educational background and more in this premium transcript.

Q: How many AP classes did you take in high school?

Anton Narinskiy: I want to say I took about three AP classes, then the other credits came from Chemistry and that kind of stuff. I took Calculus 1, Calculus 2, and I think AP English. I took those my Junior year. All my senior year, I just went to college. I didn't take one class at the high school, just college. I just came back for practice. It was nice, I could schedule my own classes, it wasn't like high school. I got Fridays off, so I had three-day weekends. It was pretty nice.

Q: What college was that?

Narinskiy: It was a community college, I believe. Those credits ended up transferring over, because they were just the basic gen-ed type of classes.

Q: Is it nice to be solid where you're going to play?

Narinskiy: Definitely.

Q: Is it nice to go into it knowing, ‘I'm here.'

Narinskiy: It's great to be back, it's good to have everybody here. It's nice to finally be at a certain spot that I think I'm hopefully going to stay at and finish out my career at.

Q: Do you feel comfortable playing this position?

Narinskiy: Definitely. I'm more comfortable here. I feel like this is the best position for me, the best opportunity. I've always gotten along well with these guys, that was kind of our group of friends. Me, Mitch, and Matt. We came in that same year. Plus, Coach Kaczenski, I was over on the offense with him too. I really respect him and admire his work. I think it's the best fit for me.

Q: To see the nucleus back on defense, what are the expectations do you place upon the defense?

Narinskiy: Basically, we talked about last year once, and that's it. We're not going to really discuss that much more, because it doesn't matter. We said the same thing coming in after a Big Ten win. Every year is a new year, a new group of guys, some new coaches, everything is different. We'll go hard, get focused, and try to do well ever year. It's the same goal, win the Big Ten Title.

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