Mitch King Media Day Transcript

Mitch King played most of the 2006 Iowa football season at less than 100% in the health department. He battled nagging injuries all season long. This year, his stated goal is to play 13 games for Iowa to help the defense live up to what he and his mates think they can accomplish; to be the best in the Big Ten.

Q: Does last year's disappointment motivate you for this year?

Mitch King: It will always be in the back of your head but you don't want that as a motivator, that isn't a good motivator.

Q: Why wouldn't it be?

King: Because if you are not prepared for tomorrow, and you are thinking about yesterday, you are not going to get the job done.

Q: Did the bowl preparation and performance give you confidence going into this year?

King: Yeah, I mean we know we are capable of being great. We proved that last year.

Q: Do you feel good about the depth on the line?

King: Yeah. There are some good young guys. We don't know much about them, its our first day in practice. We are going to try to get as ready as we can.

Q: What do you like about the team so far?

King: I have been around these guys for four years and I like everything about them, especially the defense and I like that we are bringing a lot back. I like that we don't have to think about it, we know how the guys alongside me are playing.

Q: How important is that on the defensive line?

King: We have everyone back. This will be our third year starting for all of us together. That is huge as a team anywhere. It will be a huge benefit

Q: How have you grown as a player since you first started here?

King: That is a tough question. I think I have calmed down a lot. I still go out to try to get better, but I have learned how to prepare better, watching film. I didn't do that as much my freshman year. Now I know that is a huge key.

Q: People talk about you maybe being undersized. Does your speed help?

King: Yeah. Actually, I am probably the biggest defensive lineman we have, I weigh the most. I can't talk about that any more. I have some speed, but my speed is brought down by size. It doesn't matter.

Q: Does it feel like four years?

King: Not really, but when you think about it, it's scary. Then it does.

Q: Does the 6-7 record from last year motivate you?

King: There is no more than there was last year, but I think we have a lot to prove. I was talking to the d line earlier. This will be our third year starting, and we have to prove that we are the best. But we are not given that title yet, we have to go prove it.

Q: Do you personally feel like you have something to prove this year, after all of the nagging injuries last year?

King: That is the biggest thing. I am going to go out and try to be healthy for 13 games, and that is the biggest way I can help this team win. That is my goal, to play 13 games and help this team win.

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