Cedric Everson Media Day Transcript

True freshmen will get a long, hard look at playing time this year. Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz has said as much on several occasions since the end of last season. That was music to Cedric Everson's ears, as he was one of the nation's top defensive back recruits. He is at Iowa now, and special teams might be his ticket onto the field in 2007

Q: You had some indecision on the recruiting trails at the end, what is it like to finally be here?

Cedric Everson: This is a nice city and town, everyone is great. I love my teammates. They push me hard, they know everything on defense. Coach Parker stresses to me the importance of knowing things. He is taking his time to teach me. The Coaches and Michigan State, Coach Dantonio, he is a good coach, but he doesn't take the time with the kids to teach this. Coach Ferentz comes out and watches the practice, and he gets into the practice more than we do. That is what I like about him.

Q: How has the adjustment been, have people recognized you?

Everson: There are a lot of people that do, but I don't pay attention because I came here to play football. I don't pay attention to all of the media stuff. I have no problem with it, but I would rather concentrate on football. I don't mind doing this, I don't prefer it, because I like football.

Q: This year, the coaches have said that true freshmen will have more of a chance to play than in past. Where is it looking like you will have the shot to play?

Everson: Special teams, kick return, punt return. I am trying to work my way into the defense at corner. Coach Ferentz and Coach Parker say we need help in the secondary, so I am trying to learn everything to come in and play.

Q: When did you get here?

Everson: June 30th.

Q: Is Iowa City what you expected, people think Iowa corn

Everson: It is different from Detroit; that is a big city. Coming here was a big difference. There are a lot of things to do there. But I needed to come to a quiet place anyway, because I am used the fast lane and I think this will calm me down.

Q: Will it be nice to get back to Michigan some day and play in front of the home crowd?

Everson: Michigan recruited me, they had doubts about me. Next time we play them, I will show them what Iowa is all about.

Q: Is that a part of draw for sticking in big ten, going against those teams?

Everson: No, not just for that. I stayed in the Big Ten because I know it's the toughest conference and I want to be challenged. That is why I stayed in the Big Ten and came to Iowa.

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