Transcript: Dominique Douglas

Dominique Douglas spent most of last year in the starting line-up as a true freshmen. Read what he had to say about the young guys nipping at his heels, the incoming defensive backs, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: How different is fall camp having done it before?

Dominique Douglas: It's a difference, I've got a lot of pressure on me. We have a lot of pressure on us as a team. Knowing all the plays and just being more of a leader, that's the only way it's different. Every day you still have to learn and get better.

Q: What are you seeing out of some of these young guys coming in? Some of them were in for 7-on-7. Are some of the defensive backs challenging you guys on the field?

Douglas: Oh yeah, but being here, you try not to let a young guy take advantage of you on the field. A lot of young guys, they show their potential. They show why they're Iowa Hawkeyes.

Q: When you're out here, today, 90 degrees, you look over, are you seeing any freshmen looking like they're about to keel over?

Douglas: Something like that. You can deal with that. A lot of us have been playing football since we were about 10 or 11. It's nothing that we can't deal with. A lot of guys were tired, but they didn't really show it.

Q: Did you feel that same sort of thing last year?

Douglas: Sometimes I didn't, because I wasn't doing as many reps, but it still was hot.

Q: As you're coming into this year, you had all last year, starting, making that big impact. What are you trying to do to hold down that spot in a hotly-contested WR race?

Douglas: Just keep working hard every day. Never get satisfied with everything, along the way, helping the other guys. You never know what could happen, injuries, just like what happened to Calvin. It's not just about me, I'm not a selfish person. Any time our team can win, I'll do anything.

Q: Among the other receivers, who's showing that they're ready to step up and make that impact this year?

Douglas: All the RS freshmen, all of them are showing great potential. There's no one individual. Everyone is showing that they got better and they're ready to play this year.

Q: Does that push you guys who already have a spot to get better?

Douglas: Absolutely, it has to. If you want to play, if you want to be great on this team, then you have to push every day, no days off.

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