Tyler Sash Media Day Transcript

Tyler Sash will be a true freshman on the Iowa football team this year, and when Kirk Ferentz openly spoke about newcomers getting a better chance at early playing time, his ears perked up. HN.com spoke to Sash at Iowa's media day and talked about getting on the field in his first year, in addition to more topics.

Q: What was summer like and what has the first day been like?

Tyler Sash: A lot of learning going on. Going over coverages and stuff like that, a lot of that.

Q: What is your approach as you begin practice?

Sash: My approach is to come here and do whatever I can for the team. Whatever they want me to do and help the team as much as I can.

Q: Kirk has said a lot about true feshmen getting more of a chance to play this year, when you heard that, did a light go off?

Sash: Obviously a light goes off, because I have always played special teams in high school and when I was younger. Just whatever I can do. If I can get out there, I will give it my all

Q: What are your strengths coming in and what do you need to work on?

Sash: My strengths, I am strong and I can play physical. Something I need to work on is the speed of the game, but that will slow down after a while. Working on coverages and stuff like that.

Q: What do you expect competition wise as safety?

Sash: Greenwood is the #1 guy right now.

Q: Are you comfortable at either safety position?

Sash: I have been working at free. Like I said before, whatever they want me to do I will do that to better the team.

Q: What has the summer been like with Coach Doyle?

Sash: It has been a good experience. I am glad I came up here instead of coming now. Some kids are coming in now, but I am glad I got that extra work in. It slowed some things down a bit, but there is more stuff to learn.

Q: What do you think of Jordan Bernstine, someone you know?

Sash: Jordan is a great player. He is big, fast and physical, everything you want in a safety or corner. I think he will have a good career here.

Q: Is it fun to come in together as Iowa guys?

Sash: Yeah, it's fun. Obviously we know about each other. Something the coaches have said, they had some meetings, they said we are one of the closest groups already. We have all gotten to know each other, and it has been a fun time so far.

Q: Being from Iowa, what does it mean to you to play here?

Sash: Growing up, I always wanted to be a Hawkeye. The first time it set in on me was when I got my jersey out of my locker and it said Sash, number nine on that. It was pretty special.

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