Transcript: Andy Kuempel

Iowa lineman Andy Kuempel is one of a number of young players battling for a starting spot on the offensive line this year. Read comments from Andy on that battle, his relationship with the 2007 senior class, and Rob Bruggeman's progress in this premium transcript.

Q: Coming in, the depth chart at offensive line doesn't mean a whole lot. What are you doing to solidify your spot right now?

Andy Kuempel: A day in, it's hard to judge. Coming into camp, attitude, a good attitude, it's long haul but if you work hard every day, that's something the coaches see.

Q: What did the other linemen, the seniors, passed on to you in terms of the work ethic, the drive it takes to compete at this level?

Kuempel: You just named the two major things. Guys like Mike Elgin, Marshal Yanda, Mike Jones. Yanda walked in here and started, Elgin a 3-year starter, Jones a 3-year starter, those guys knew what it took to be a Hawkeye lineman. Hopefully they imparted that in on us.

Q: What are you seeing out of some the other guys oyu're competing with, guys like Calloway, some of the other younger guys we haven't seen?

Kuempel: Just major improvement. We're the ones getting reps. The seniors have all left, we're the veterans now. We've got ot learn to be leaders, we've got to step up.

Q: Bruggeman has the injury, btu what's his presence been like around the complex, through the conditioning?

Kuempel: At first, we were just trying to keep his spirits up, but now he's back, rehabbing, doing great. For the redshirt freshmen coming in, he's their mentor. That's a great role for him, he's been a great mentor for them.

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