Transcript: Albert Young

Albert Young spoke with the media on Monday at Iowa's annual Media Day event. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: How excited are you to be playing with Damian and Tom one more season?

Albert Young: It's going to be great. It's going to be fun, we have a good time every practice, in the meeting rooms. We want to make this year memorable, as a unit.

Q: What can you do to help bring Mr. Christensen along?

Young: Just all of us need to play to the best of our ability. Everybody will be happy.

Q: Do you remember what you said in Chicago?

Young: Some of it. I thought everybody was out there.

Q: What was the general feeling like in this building this off-season vs. previous off-seasons? As a competitor, I know you want to wash that out of your mouth.

Young: Just get last year out of our system, just build on what we learned from that. Don't let it happen again.

Q: What's this time of year like for a player. Can you enjoy it or is it all gruntwork?

Young: You enjoy it, because you've put in all the work during the summer and the off-season to train for these games coming up. You're definitely excited to get back to playing. You know, every time, camp is going to be camp. Today is day one. We know it's going to be a tough road ahead.

Q: As someone who may have NFL aspirations, what will it be like to play in an NFL stadium?

Young: It's going to be fantastic. We already have experience down in Tampa, we've done that before, but when it comes down to it, a football field is a football field. The only difference is the architecture.

Q: What do you think of your schedule, you're hearing a lot of heat nationwide for your non-conference opponents.

Young: I don't make the schedule. That has nothing to do with us. We're not in any position to belittle any team right now. I know year in and year out Iowa State is always a big game for us. Northern Illinois gave us some problems, and we went to double overtime with Syracuse. Every game you're going to be in for something. Players are definitely the wrong guys to ask.

Q: Did you do anything different this off-season to get ready for this year, given that you got banged up last year?

Young: Not really. You definitely put more emphasis and focus more on the injury-prevention stuff that we do with Coach Doyle. You definitely take that to heart. Not that you weren't before, but that's something you definitely have to put a lot of focus on. Outside of that, no. We just work with what the coaches give us. That changes, but nothing in particular.

Q: Do you think there'll be a chance we'll see both you and Damian in the same backfield?

Young: I don't know. I don't call that plays. It's definitely something that could be possible. I don't know. I don't want to say no, because never say never. It could be a possibility.

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