Jake Christensen Transcript #2

Jake Christensen leads by example. He doesn't have to say much, because in the weight room and in sprints, he is trying to set a bar for the rest of his teammates to reach. He owns all but one Iowa strength record for quarterbacks, and he is a chiseled 217 pounds, able to bench press more than 330 and clean 327 pounds. He has put in his time, and now the time is his.

Q: You have served your time as a backup, as a lot of Iowa quarterbacks have before you. Do you feel ready?

Jake Christensen: Yeah. Well, I mean I feel ready mentally, but physically, we have a long way to go. We have had one practice. We know where we want to get, but its time to get to work.

Q: Are football players made January through July?

Christensen: We worked hard during the winter and summer. Bowl prep was a big thing for us, we made a lot of moves there and carried a lot of momentum through the summer. But camp is a mental thing. You learn a lot of concepts, you think conceptually. You try to get experience and feel ready when that first games comes.

Q: You and several of your recruiting classmates had high accolades coming in. How was it going from being an all American to holding a clipboard?

Christensen: I think we all had a good idea of what our first few years would be like and we all had a career plan. Your third year, coach says, you want to be in the mix. If you are not, you are off track. The third season is when you make a push for some playing time.

Q: A lot of ‘experts' don't seem to expect this team to compete for the Big Ten title. What do you think the team needs to do to prove them wrong?

Christensen: I think we have to knock down our turnovers first of all, that is our number one goal, our turnover ratio. The more you have the ball in your hands, the better chance you have to score, obviously. So that is a big factor. We are still a long way off.

Q: I don't know if its Iowa's offensive philosophy or not or personnel, but the vertical passing game hasn't been a big part of things lately. Will that make a comeback this year, due to the physical traits you possess?

Christensen: Coach O'Keefe has a plan and he will unveil that to us. Whatever he has in store for us, that is what you guys are going to see. I think it will be similar to last year and the year's prior, we just have to execute better than we have the last couple of years.

Q: What have the coaches told you to expect with regards to defenses? You will be a first year starter, so you might expect a lot of heat.

Christensen: We haven't talked about that much, big picture stuff they haven't talked about that. They are thinking one practice at a time as cliché as that sounds. Big picture stuff, that will come down the road and we will play it by ear.

Q: Are you glad that today (Media Day) is almost over so you can stop using all these cliché's?

Christensen: Yeah, because each time I say them, I have to say that they are cliché. It's like they said in Bull Durham; I sat down and went over them last night.

Q: What are your thoughts about playing near your home, in Soldier Field?

Christensen: It's exciting. Coach wanted us to get our thinking of the season out of the way, and you look forward to the next practice, the next step, and hopefully when that game comes we are comfortable and ready to go.

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