Media Day Q&A with James Cleveland

James Cleveland came to Iowa with high expectations. He was the MVP of the prestigious Seven on Seven tournament in Texas heading into his senior year, and he joined the program for the start of the 2006 spring semester. Cleveland wound up redshirting last year, and he is champing at the bit to get on the field in 2007...

Q: You are from Texas, so does that make it easier to deal with the heat and humidty we are having now, or have you been gone from there long enough to where this is hard on you, too?

James Cleveland: I think it is harder. I have had trouble breathing today, even though I am from Texas where it's humid all of the time, being away from that for almost two years, yeah this does have an effect on me.

Q: You redshirted last year, but Kirk Ferentz has been talking about you this summer, which tells us in the media to be on the look out for you. Are you excited heading into this year?

Cleveland: Yes sir, I am very excited. Redshirting last year, and learning more about the offense and getting a knack for playing this position, it was a great learning experience. I learned from Drew Tate. I think I have a lot to offer.

Q: Looking back, are you glad you redshirted?

Cleveland: Yeah, I don't regret anything. I am very glad because it gave me a chance to develop. I wish I could have helped, after the season we had, but that is in the past and we are looking ahead to this year.

Q: There are a lot of wide receivers that appear to be ready to play and contribute. Do you think this is an underrated receiving corps?

Cleveland: That is what we want; to be under the radar and perform to the level we know we can reach, without any sidetracks or distractions. We are in it for each other. I am proud of the corps.

Q: You and Drew Tate have known each other for a long time, you came from the same high school. Is it weird being here without him now?

Cleveland: Anytime you lose a three year starter at quarterback, which is the most important position, you have a loss. Jake is stepping in nice and proving himself and doing a lot of improving as well.

Q: Between you, Andy Brodell and Dominique Douglas, who is the fastest?

Cleveland: Andy Brodell is the fastest.

Q: So the Texas tape did not lie?

Cleveland: No lies there, he is real fast.

Q: Jake Christensen is a left hander; are there any differences in catching the ball from a southpaw?

Cleveland: Believe it or not, the ball does come out different. It's not a problem, but it really is different. There is top spin on the ball.

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