What if? - Iowa Virtual Scrimmage

What if... Kirk Ferentz held a 'scrimmage' like some other teams around the country do? What if he let the #1 offense square off against the #1 defense, and the #2 defense line up against the #2 offense?

What if... Iowa held a full, 60-minute, game-like 'scrimmage' similar to some other teams around the country? What if he let the #1 offense square off against the #1 defense, and the #2 defense line up against the #2 offense for a full 60 minutes? Coming up on Saturday, we're not likely to find out, but we decided to set this scenario up and run it through the EA Sports NCAA Football 2008 video game simulation, on Xbox 360.

We've done our best to make the depth charts at the skill positions as accurate as possible, but sometimes, especially as you bring in subs for the second-team, there can be some odd moments (Mitch King at RG, for instance.) The majority of the game, however, was played with a fairly accurate line-up.

The story of the day was how dominant both the first-team defense and second-team offense were against their respective opponents. Albert Young was held to 63 yards on 15 carries, while the first-team defense picked off five passes. Charles Godfrey, Brett Greenwood, and Cedric Everson each picked off a pass, and Devan Moylan snagged two, returning one for a touchdown.

On the other side of the ball, however, Arvell Nelson led the second-team offense up and down the field all day. Nelson finished the day 19 of 28 passing with four touchdowns and no interceptions. Damian Sims had an equally impressive day, notching 26 carries en route to 110 yards and three touchdowns. Derrell Johnson-Koulianos led the second-team receivers with 8 receptions for 162 yards and a touchdown. James Cleveland pitched in with 2 receptions for 71 yards and one touchdown. Derrell Johnson, Trey Stross, and James Cleveland all caught touchdown passes from Arvell Nelson.

Christian Ballard got in on the action, recovering a fumble on special teams, while Cedric Everson had trouble hanging onto the ball, muffing several punts.

Want to see what it looked like? Check out a Screenshot Gallery from the game, or several Video Highlights, grabbed directly from the NCAA 2008 game.

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