Devan Moylan Q&A

Second chances are not a guarantee in life. Senior safety Devan Moylan received the ultimate, and unexpected second chance at one final season of Iowa football when the NCAA gave him an extra year this past summer. Moylan intends to make the most of it.

Devan Moylan

Q: How does it feel to be back running around and getting a second chance at football?

Devan Moylan: It's great to come out here and play with the guys again. I didn't expect to be out here, and I am just eager to get back on the field and learn from my mistakes and keep moving forward.

Q: It might be hard to comment on this now, you may need 10 years to do it, but not everyone gets a second chance like this. You had something taken away from you, and I am sure you gained an appreciation for it that most of your teammates will never have.

Moylan: I really am grateful. It's not very often you get a second chance at things. Looking back at it, when I was done, you start to second guess things. You wonder if you would have spent more time in the film room as opposed to the couch or something. This time around I have put my whole heart in it. At the time, I thought I was. It's a benefit for me to have a second chance and have that perspective, that outside perspective.

Q: You talked about regretting some things. Do you feel this experience is changing your life outside of football and may be something that you will remember for the rest of your life?

Moylan: I think it has. I think it's made me look at things and think that anything you do, you want to leave no doubt that you did the best you could. You are not going to get second chances all the time like I just got. Hopefully I will carry that the rest of my life.

Q: Last year's defense didn't record a lot of sacks, and there wasn't a whole lot of pressure on the quarterback. That makes things tough for the defensive backs. Do you think there will be more pressure from the guys up front this year?

Moylan: I think it will. Those guys have great drive, the front seven guys. They are all tremendous competitors. When they do well, it makes it a lot easier on us in the back end because we don't have to cover as long. I think they will be on top of their game this year.

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