Brett Greenwood Q&A

One year ago, Brett Greenwood was a walk on to the Iowa football team, dreaming of one day making an impact on special teams. Fast forward the clock to August of 2007, and he finds himself in the middle of a starting position battle.

Brett Greenwood Q: How does practice feel thus far? You had reps in the spring, so its not totally new.

Brett Greenwood: Yeah, I am feeling very comfortable from then to now, with the reps and learning the defense from our 40 personnel to redzone and goal line. I learned more with goal line here in the fall. It is coming along.

Q: You are the new guy out here on the defense. Was it hard to fit in with this veteran group, did anyone help you out with that process?

Greenwood: Yeah, the veteran linemen took me under their wing with their leadership. I feel like a part of the family and I have been working hard to join that family.

Q: Do you think opposing offenses will try to attack you guys deep over the middle due to your youth and inexperience?

Greenwood: I am sure. They are probably going to see that we are young and inexperienced in the back end and we will have to be prepared for that and game plan for it.

Q: Go back to one year ago. Would you have ever dreamed that you would be where you are, listed as a starting safety entering your redshirt freshman year?

Greenwood: No. I have always told people that I wanted to get on special teams first, whatever it be. It's gone fast, but I have put myself in this position, but I have a lot to learn. There are always things to learn, we do that each day.

Q: How do you think it will feel in a few weeks, as you go out onto Soldier Field?

Greenwood: It will be neat. I have never been to an NFL stadium, that will be new. To go out there on the field, that will be great. But it all comes down to x's and o's, you don't worry about the crowd and you just play the game.

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