Statement From Pierre Pierce Attorney, Maggi Moss

Being a friend of the Moss family in Des Moines for many years, I took note that Maggi Moss was representing Pierre Pierce. How well I remember that sad day many years ago when I went to the Moss residence after the plane crash that killed her father and brother. I was compelled to call Maggi about her defense of Iowa Basketball Player, Pierre Pierce. She released the following statement:

I feel very strongly that this young man is in school to get an education. However, he chose the University Iowa for a career and a life as a basketball player. His incredible talent should be used for his future. When one is charged with a crime in this country, they are presumed innocent; there simply is no guilt whatsoever. A charge, until one is convicted in a court of law is unproven and a mere allegation. Based on those principles, strongly rooted in our constitution, his career, his potential livelihood, and future should not now be jeopardized.

We plan to go the Iowa Board in Control of Athletics to ask them to reverse Bob Bowlsby's decision to suspend Pierre Pierce from the team. If that is not successful, we will appeal to the President of the University.

We plan to take this case all the way.

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