NIU Week: Albert Young Q&A

Albert Young is entering his final year on the Iowa football team. His first game of his last go around is Saturday in Soldier Field. Young talks about playing in that historic venue, what the offense must do this year to improve and how the team has dealt with the off the field distractions of last week.

Q: What is a big key for this year's offense?

Albert Young: Be consistent and protect the football. You have to do that as an offense and that is where things get started. If you don't do that you don't give yourself a chance.

Q: Have you and Damien been working more in the slot with Dominique and Anthony being suspended from the team?

Young: We always have been involved in catching the ball, so that hasn't changed. We don't know what is in the game plan now. Whatever, we will be ready.

Q: What will it be like to play at Soldier Field?

Young: Yeah, we saw the Bears playing last Saturday, we saw how nice that was. That will be nice for everyone.

Q: Will it be on your shoulders to carry the offensive load early this year?

Young: Nothing has changed. We want to establish the run early; that is in every game. That is something we are pushing for.

Q: Northern Illinois has been in some big games, they won't back down to you.

Young: They are on scholarship, too. They are not going to back down and we don't expect that from anyone. It will be a good game; we will be in for a tough fight.

Q: There are a lot of Iowa alums in Chicago. Will it be fun to play over there in front of them?

Young: That is what I hear. I know a lot of people from Chicago that go to school here and that whole area, it will give those fans another game to go watch Iowa football and that is fantastic.

Q: Does playing at Soldier Field mean anything more to you than playing at another venue?

Young: Not really, when it comes down to it. Our best players are against their best players. The setting isn't a big deal, that is more for the fans. I would be lying to you if I didn't say we weren't excited to go there and play. It's great to play in a pro stadium and we are looking forward to it.

Q: What do you say to the younger guys to keep their heads level?

Young: Tell them that the stadiums are only going to get bigger. The crowds will be bigger in Big Ten stadiums. You don't say anything to them. We all do what we do, you don't want to exert too much energy before the game; you want it for the game.

Q: Some other players have said that they maybe didn't take every opponent seriously last year. Is that the same for you?

Young: No. Not at all.

Q: How tough was last week for the team, with all the distractions off the field?

Young: I don't think it has affected us that much. Guys picked up at the receiver spot. Some guys see it as an opportunity. Things happen, injuries, things like this, somebody will step in and have an opportunity to do something so some guys are looking forward to it.

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