NIU Postgame: Jake Christensen Q&A

The Iowa offensive has some work to do over the next several weeks, but they never got down on Saturday when things were rough around the edges. Kirk Ferentz praised Jake Christensen for keeping the proper attitude on the field Saturday. Read what Christensen thought about the offense and what they need to work on before next week's game against Syracuse...

Q: What are some of the things you have to work on for next week?

Jake Christensen: Everything. There are some things we need to clean up. I was off in the first half with some throws here and there. Drops happen, that is football. It's not like they are trying to drop the ball. I can control my reads, and I have to work on that.

Q: Kirk said that he liked how you kept your head when there was some adversity. How important is that?

Christensen: It's important. People need to know that you are not going to get down on them when they make mistakes. This game is about adversity, you can't get down on people, you have to stay even keeled.

Q: How was it playing in Soldier Field?

Christensen: It was exciting. You don't get a chance to think about it. The game went by like it took 15 minutes. I looked up with four minutes left, and I couldn't believe it. It was fun, but it went by fast and now our minds are on Syracuse.

Q: Did you guys accomplish what you wanted to today?

Christensen: We just wanted to win the game. They are a good team, they played real well. They will win a lot of games this year, as Coach Ferentz told us after the game. It's a good win, but we are not satisfied as we have a lot to work on.

Q: The offensive line started to get their feet under them.

Christensen: I think the second half, the line gelled and got more comfortable. There are three guys in there that hadn't played before. They holes got bigger all day and Albert and Damien would tell you that. I am proud of the way they played. Rafael did a good job directing them. After that first quarter, things got going.

Q: Turnover margin was bad last year, and today you guys started out +3.

Christensen: It's a start. Coach said that is our biggest goal, to improve the turnover ratio

Q: Coming into this game, the offensive line had been shuffled a lot. Was there any difference up front today?

Christensen: Whoever is in there, there are a lot of guys that worked hard that deserve to play. Whoever gets in, I don't think we are worried about that. They are all prepared to play and they did a great job today.

Q: Special teams and defense seemed to give you good field position after that 95 yard drive.

Christensen: I think Andy's punt return helped. We were missing a few things, and we were getting frustrated. Andy got us a good break with that punt return.

Q: Coming out of this game, what is one thing that sticks out in your head to work on.

Christensen: My reads. I had a few poor reads and a few poorly placed balls. That comes with time and getting chemistry down and iron out the kinks.

Q: What was the post game locker room like?

Christensen: We hadn't won since last time we played these guys, so it's a good feeling to get back to winning and hopefully we can sustain it and keep it going

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