Post-NIU: Albert Young Q&A

Albert Young spoke with the media on Saturday following Iowa's 16-3 win over Northern Illinois. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: Obviously, to go on the road, to get a victory, it's got to feel good.

Albert Young: Truthfully, the only thing was that we had to drive a couple hours to get here. It felt like a home game when you're out there. That all goes out to the support our fans give us. We're grateful for that, we're happy to get a win.

Q: The offense came out sluggish in the first quarter, you've got to tip your hat to the defense. It's got to help to be on the sidelines and watch them get 3-and-outs?

Young: Yeah, but we just want to be able to put more points up for them. We can't rely on that all the time. It's definitely a team effort and they're veterans over there. We've got to learn to score when we get great field position.

Q: Did you feel like you guys were getting the ball moving?

Young: Yeah. Definitely. We have the saying, "You've got to put the finishing touches on it." We weren't able to do that, but a win is a win. We're just happy because we played hard today. That's what we've been pushing for all camp, all off-season. When you play hard, you get away with things like that.

Q: Are you a big fan of Walter Payton? You ran like him today.

Young: That's saying a lot. You just want to keep your legs moving. Just the mentality we have now, just keep pushing, never give up. Keep fighting. That's what we believe.

Q: What about that offensive line?

Young: They did a great job. There were seams pretty much everywhere. I can't say enough.

Q: How much of that was your offensive line and how much was the veteran running backs reading the zone blocking plays really well, picking your spots?

Young: I've got some experience with the offense, I could hit it where some guys might not even try, but with that going, I felt like we were definitely meshing today. I didn't think we'd be gashing them like that. I'm happy about it.

Q: How much does that help Jake? It's got to be huge for him.

Young: He knows he's got it. Damian and I just want to keep pushing him to throw that ball.

Q: In the second quarter, 6 or 7 plays where they handed the ball off to you. Each time, you got 5-10 yards. How important was that stretch to get momentum on your side and take control?

Young: We knew they were small up front. We decided to get physical, they couldn't handle it, really. After a while they were outmatched. (pause, to a guy playing the harmonica in the background, laughs.) I'm trying to be professional here, but that guy... (Laughs). It just makes a statement, physical up front.

Q: Was that the gameplan? The passing game, you'd gone to it early, but you went back to Big Ten-style football , running it down their throat.

Young: When it comes down to it, we just want to let that clock keep ticking. When you've got the line going great, Tom Busch on top of his game, when me and Damian are fresh the entire time, it's going to be tough to stop.

Q: How important is this win, given the way last season went?

Young: It's good to sing the fight song after a win, it's been a while. We could be 0-1. You start the season with a win, that's the best we can be right now. We're happy about it.

Q: Did you know that this was the first time you've had 2 100 yard rushers since2005, you and Damian did it against Minnesota?

Young: We both rushed for 100?

Q: Yeah

Young: I didn't know that. Wow. (Laughs)

Q: How much of a confidence boost is it for the two of you going into the senior season?

Young: That's something we wanted to do. It's definitely something we wanted to keep pushing, running that ball.

Q: Did the O-Line answer any questions today?

Young: Not any questions we had. Maybe everybody else. We knew they'd be productive.

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