Post-NIU: Julian Vandervelde, Seth Olsen Q&A

Julian Vandervelde and Seth Olsen were two of five offensive linemen that helped Damian Sims and Albert Young both rush for over 100 yards. Read comments from the two big guys in this premium transcript.

Q: Two 100 yard rushers, almost 300 yards rushing. It's got to give the OL amazing confidence to know you've done your job.

Julian Vandervelde: It really does. We know the mistakes we made, and we made more than our fair share, but despite that, to be able to have two 100 yard rushers, against this defense, a good defense, it's going to make us more confident. It's something we'll build on, taking to the next level in the next game.

Q: Is it something that your technique, whatever you're talk to do, or did it wear them down?

Vandervelde: I think they're a hard-nosed football team and I don?t' think they really ever gave up. From the beginning to end of the game, our technique, was phenomenally better at the end than at the beginning. The mistakes we made, the communication errors, missed players, those were gone.

Q: The questions that were out there, coming into the season, the way you guys played, having a couple hundred yard rushers, to play Iowa Football like that. What's that like for you guys up front?

Seth Olsen: It feels great. I thought we played pretty well today. Our technique wasn't great, we need to improve on that, but as far as getting a win, we were able to do that, running the ball pretty well today. That definitely feels good as an offense, especially on the line. I know we'll never be able to silence some critics, they'll always be there.

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