Cuse Week: Charles Godfrey Q&A

Charles Godfrey started the season off the right way on Saturday, recording two interceptions against Northern Illinois and playing a physical brand of football. Read his thoughts from last week, as well as looking forward to this week and the rest of the season.

Q: How you played on Saturday, should we expect that out of you this year?

Charles Godfrey: That is one of the attitudes. Coach Parker came to me and said that I needed the Texas attitude each week, and I will be fine. That is the approach that I am taking each week, to come in and be confident and do my best to help the team.

Q: What do you remember about Syracuse from last year?

Godfrey: I remember a hard fought game. They played us 60 minutes, it was a great team. We have to play the entire game, and those guys being good.

Q: After watching the tape, what areas does the defense need to improve upon?

Godfrey: There are a lot of things. We did some good things, and we did some bad things. There are a lot of things that we have to improve and work on.

Q: What stood out?

Godfrey: Just some little things. I can't talk about other positions, but as far as DB's, we missed a few jams on a few receivers. On cover three, staying back a little bit more, just small things we have to correct.

Q: How did Dalton and Moylan do in there for their first time?

Godfrey: Those guys were great. I have a lot of confidence in them, and am not worried about them. They were running around and sticking their head in there. You have to be physical as a safety, and they did a real good job.

Q: You are one of the gunners on the punt team. What did you say to Jordan Bernstine after his personal foul?

Godfrey: (Laughs) I know he is a freshman, he has to learn some stuff and you have to learn on the fly. I talked to him on the sideline, and reminded him what he is supposed to do. The coaches got at him, too. Hopefully, he won't make that mistake again.

Q: Do you tell him not to be gunshy?

Godfrey: He knows that stuff happens, and you have to get over it and not dwell on one mistake. Just forget about it and go to the next play and correct it.

Q: A few years ago, somebody had two or three INT's in their first game, and said ‘lookout, I will break the record.' Do you feel like that as well?

Godfrey: No. It was a blessing for me to get those two interceptions. I am not going to say that I am going to break any record or anything like that. I just want to play hard. If more come, they come.

Q: On those interceptions, were you playing your exact position, or fudging over?

Godfrey: I kind of baited him into throwing the ball.

Q: By pretending the WR is open?

Godfrey: It's sort of a technique that you have to play as a DB. That comes from preparing and watching film and knowing quarterbacks and their tendencies. It all comes together.

Q: It looked like the defensive backs were more physical this week.

Godfrey: That is what we are trying to get back to. Iowa's defense is known for being physical and hitting guys. We are trying to bring that back as a defense. Going into the game, we knew we were going to be physical, which was one of our main goals. Hit em in the mouth every chance you get.

Q: How do the DB's feed of the pressure from the front seven?

Godfrey: That is great. We feed off of them. They are very physical down there. In practice, they tell us to be physical. They are our food.

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