Cuse Week: Trey Stross Q&A

Trey Stross hauled in one catch in Iowa's season opener, and on the bright side, he didn't have a hand in one of Iowa's seven or eight dropped passes. Stross talks about that aspect of the game, and how it can be corrected in one week.

Q: What do you expect from Syracuse?

Trey Stross: A fast physical team. They come with talent, a lot of good athletes. So we expect their defense to be fast.

Q: What do you remember about last year's game?

Stross: How hard of a game it was. They put a fight on, and losing the way they did last year, we can expect them to come harder this year, so we have to match the intensity.

Q: Looking at Jake vs Drew, does Jake put more zip on the ball than Drew did?

Stross: I think…uh, I don't know. I'd say that Tate had less zip on short routes, because that comes with experience. Tate playing with Hinkel and Solomon, he knew what they wanted. Jake has brand new receivers about every year he has been here. Jake puts the ball in there perfectly, and it's up to us to catch it.

Q: How crucial is the timing of the throw?

Stross: It's a need, because if it gets there a half second late, you are dead. If it's too early, then you might not get to it.

Q: Do things seem like they are faster in a game?

Stross: Some of it's game playing. When the ball is going to come, where the ball should be when you turn around. It's predetermined, and Jake does a good job of putting it where it's supposed to be. That is a strength.

Q: Can the drops be fixed in a week?

Stross: All it is is restudying where the ball will be, when to expect it, everyone doing that. That is something that can be fixed.

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