Post-Cuse: Jake Christensen Q&A

Jake Christensen had a very solid game against Syracuse, completing over 70 percent of his passes and throwing four touchdown passes in Iowa's 35-0 rout of Syracuse. Read what he had to say following that game, and his look ahead towards Iowa State

Q: How do you feel about the team, two weeks in?

Jake Christensen: We feel good, but we are not satisfied. We have a lot of work to do. I made al ot of mistakes again tonight. As the season goes along, hopefully we can minimize those. I missed a few run checks, I threw a high ball on that interception. Little things like that that you can't afford against better teams.

Q: The first game your ran well, tonight you threw well. When will both happen?

Christensen: It's hard to tell. We will do what the game calls for, what the defense gives us. We knew Syracuse would load the box and that we would have to throw it. It's week to week thing, but there will be a time where we will have to have balance.

Q: Were you surprised at Tony's night?

Christensen: I am not surprised at all. That is what he is capable of, and he will play like that all year, that is my hope. He is one of the leaders on the offense and he is a big playmaker.

Q: How tough will it be next week, in light of Iowa State losing again tonight?

Christensen: Who'd they play?

Q: UNI beat them.

Christensen: Oh, really. It's always a big test going to Ames. The last time we went there, they rocked us pretty good. This is a big week for us, we will focus on them starting tomorrow.

Q: Do you wish Michigan was on your schedule this year?

Christensen: Umm...I don't know, not really. It's tough enough as it is.

Q: Talk about Colin Sandeman

Christensen: Colin has been playing well. He made a good catch and run and punt return. He will get a lot of reps, and he is doing a good job.

Q: Where was Trey tonight?

Christensen: He was down with a leg injury. I think he will be back next week.

Q: Do you ever look at your statistics on the scoreboard?

Christensen: Going in at half time, we saw they had one yard, someone told me that. That's amazing. There were so many three and outs, and the defense gave the ball back to us.

Q: With the defense getting so many three and outs, did the offense get tired at all?

Christensen: It seemed like we were out there the whole time. They were in third and long constantly. It's a testament to our defense, three points in two games.

Q: Tony said you gave him a hard time this week.

Christensen: I kind of did, because he can take it. I told him that you are a lot better player than dropping the football. I don't get on him because he is hard on himself, but I told him he will make the plays, but its time for you to step up and be the player that we know you can be. That is the play we expect out of him. He has a wealth of talent.

Q: When you came to the line on that long play to Tony, did you know it would work?

Christensen: When the play came in, I told myself it would be there, just don't over throw him. He was wide open, he is a hard to miss target and he made a great run afterwards. That got the momentum going.

Q: Talk about your second touchdown, where you scrambled. Where does that come from?

Christensen: It's one of those things where you just try to stay alive and hopefully find someone. I was close to throwing it away. Then he slid behind the guys and I threw it where he could get it. I am glad he caught it.

Q: It seems you are good at keeping a play alive?

Christensen: I always try to keep it alive. You don't want to lose a play. You try to keep it as long as you can and that is when big plays happen sometimes.

Q: Did Tony have a big confidence swing?

Christensen: No, he laughed every time I said something. He knows. He showed tonight what kind of players he is. HE is one of the best tight ends in the league and he will have to do that all year for us.

Q: He doesn't talk much to us, does he talk to you?

Christensen: He needs to get to know you better. Me and him have grown up through this together.

Q: Was tonight a big confidence booster for him?

Christensen: I don't think he has ever lacked confidence. He trusts himself, and we trust him. It showed tonight, some of the plays that he can make. He made a great catch on the first out route I threw behind him. That settled me down.

Q: Talk about your play tonight.

Christensen: Better. It was better. We have to try to improve each week. That is our goal, the coaches goal for us. We improved on third down, which was the biggest step for us.

Q: Last week you had that 95 yard drive, this week you got on their side of the field early.

Christensen: It's a big swing in momentum to change field position like that. Our goal is to get two first downs to change field position and build on it.

Q: Next week will be your first start in Ames, what are the keys for you to be ready for this game. Did you make the trip two years ago?

Christensen: No, I was not there. We have to be ready. They always play us tough. They are a good football team. I know they lost tonight, but they will be ready for us and we have to have a great week of practice.

Q: Is there a worry about some of you guys taking Iowa State lightly because of their record?

Christensen: I don't think so at all. Last time we went there, they got us pretty good. I am sure we will be reminded of that this week. We have to prepare. They are a good team and they play us tough.

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