Post-Cuse: Andy Brodell Q&A

Andy Brodell bounced back this week after dropping three passes in Iowa's season opener. He hauled in seven receptions and averaged 20 yards per punt return on four attempts. Read what the junior from Ankeny had to say about this week, plus a look ahead to next week's game at Iowa State.

Q: How is it when you are returning punts, and you see that wall open up?

Andy Brodell: It's exciting. It's what you dream about returning punts, seeing a lot of green. They have been blocking real well for me the last two games and if they can keep doing it, it's a big part of things. If you are not good at special teams you will struggle. Last year we did, so far this year we have been doing good.

Q: Did you and Tony gain in confidence tonight, after last week? What does that do for you?

Brodell: It does a lot obviously. You want to come back and have a good game. I think we have the confidence in each other, we had it going into the Northern Illinois game. It is nice to come out and have a better game as far as that is concerned. Every day, we have to make an effort to look the ball in and make those catches.

Q: Is the big thing catching it with your hands?

Brodell: Yeah, it is. I always say, you catch the ball in your hands, but you catch it with your eyes. If you don't look it in, it's hard. We did a good job of that. You have to make that effort in practice and it paid off for us today.

Q: What a performance by Jake.

Brodell: It was great. Last week, he settled down and really led the offense the way he needs to. Tonight is another indication of that. We started fast this week, and hopefully we can get that going.

Q: He had some pretty amazing scrambles.

Brodell: He looked like Drew back there. He has a lot of similarities. He is not as quick as Drew, but he knows how to get out of trouble. When they get pressure, it was good to see those good passes.

Q: How hard is it to make up your mind when to go? You got popped pretty good on one of those plays.

Brodell: It's hard. Not everyone can do it. I feel fortunate to be back there, and I am comfortable back there and hopefully I can do that all year. It's hard to make decisions back there. It's easy to have a game changing play, if you fumble it. That can change momentum. It's important to field the ball, and that one was a different kind of a punt.

Q: Will it matter this week that Iowa State is struggling?

Brodell: I don't think so at all. We have seen what can happen when we go in there and we don't approach it the way we need to. Two years ago we were disappointed. This year, we will have a different attitude about it. Yeah, they are struggling, but I am sure we will see some things on film where they are not that bad of a team and we have to prepare like we did this week

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