Post-Cuse: Damein Sims Q&A

Damien Sims was frustrated on Saturday night. That's because Syracuse was determined to make Iowa beat them with the passing game, and not by the legs of Sims and Albert Young. Iowa did just that, and Sims couldn't be happier.

Q: What was the game plan this week?

Damien Sims: We always go into the game with a certain type of plain. They might show up different than what we practiced against. We saw that they wanted to load the box to have nine or ten in the box, and we threw the ball to pull them out of that. We kept throwing it.

Q: How hard is it for you and Albert to see the box stacked like that?

Sims: It's frustrating, but we expected that all week. We felt like every team we play will do that at some point in the game, that we will not beat them running the ball. I will take that score each week, if that is what it takes for 35 points, I will take that.

Q: How close were you to breaking a couple of those runs?

Sims: Like I said, they had so many guys in the box, any time you got three or four yards, that shows you what you can do when you execute well. On that run, I made the safety miss, and Tony blocked the guy so good, he pancaked the guy, and I was watching the safety, so I didn't realize he was on the ground until it was too late. I am so proud of my teammates right now. We knew what our offense could do throwing, and I think this answered a lot of questions for others. It showed what Jake can do, and how our receivers and tight ends can play.

Q: Albert was in the passing game today, talk about that aspect of the game.

Sims: You want to get your playmakers the ball. If that is what it takes to score that many points against nine or ten in the box, and we can throw at will, I will take it every week. We should win a game with that many points.

Q: What do you expect next week?

Sims: Pretty much the same thing. Probably nine in the box until we start throwing on them, then they will have to play honest. I feel like that is when we step up.

Q: Are you surprised they lost to UNI?

Sims: I just heard about it. I don't really care about what happens with other teams. When we play, I hope we win. That is all that matters to me.

Q: Did the game plan call for that much passing today?

Sims: We might have had a few more runs in the game plan that we said we would run, but you adjust. They were stubborn and kept packing the line up, so we just kept throwing. I will say it again, if that is what it takes to score 35, we will take it.

Q: What do you think about playing at night?

Sims: I like morning a little better. It's alright. It's a weird feeling, but I like the night atmosphere. You won't get dehydrated. The crowd is amazing at night time, like the Ohio State game last year, that was nuts.

Q: Since this is your senior year, are you soaking things up more?

Sims: Yeah, definitely. We have to be positive. It's so easy to play when you are having fun, and more importantly, winning. You don't have to worry about name calling and pointing fingers. Just one game at a time. We have taken two steps already, and we are looking for step three this Saturday.

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