Iowa-Purdue Game Preview

Iowa will be playing with revenge against the Joe Tiller led aerial circus. The Hawks took a 14-13 lead after the third quarter last year in West Lafayette. Purdue tallied 10 points in the fourth quarter and held Iowa scoreless for a 23-14 win. After a near fourth quarter collapse against the Nittany Lions last week, the Hawks should be focused.

Will the Homecoming in Iowa City be a rude welcome back to Iowa for Altoona's Kyle Orton? He snubbed Iowa by not giving them a sniff when looking for a college to display his passing skills. The Hawk defense may want to rub his nose in the dirt.

Let's see how they stack up:


PU: Kyle Orton is an experienced player although only a sophomore. An accurate passer, Kyle will never win any footraces. However, he seems to fit the sometimes 5 wide out Purdue offense.

Iowa: Brad Banks had a great game last week and is getting very comfortable in the Iowa attack. I don't believe that he will slow down here.

Advantage: IOWA. Banks is becoming a superb field general.

Running Backs

PU: Joey Harris is Purdue's leading rusher with 527 yards, averaging 105 per game. The Boilers don't use a fullback, choosing to have more receivers.

Iowa: Fred Russell is the leading rusher in the Big Ten and is third nationally. Steady Freddie is averaging 153 yards a game. Jermelle Lewis keeps getting better.

Advantage: IOWA.


PU: Purdue has four or five receivers in at all times. John Standeford is the big play guy averaging 110 yards a game in receptions. Taylor Stubblefield is averaging 72 yards in the two games that he has played. In the Boiler offense, receivers are as interchangeable as computer parts. And there are more of them than a gaggle of geese.

Iowa: These guys are getting better each game. A layout by Hinkle, a one handed stab by Solomon, or a swift knife in Joe Pa's heart by C.J. in overtime. They get it done.

Advantage: PURDUE.

Offensive Line

PU: Very experienced pass blockers that are not so good at blocking for the run.

Iowa: Perhaps the best line that Iowa has ever had.

Advantage: Iowa.

Defensive Line

PU: A spunky unit led by Craig Terrill that is a notch below Purdue's standard. This is a bad sign when facing the Hawk's massive OL.

Iowa: Can the Hawks mount a pass rush to put Orton on his butt? Matt Roth is emerging as the superstar that recruiting services predicted.

Advantage: IOWA.


PU: This is the heart of the stout Purdue defense. They employ a trio of quick, gifted athletes led by senior Joe Odom who benches 400 and runs a 4.5 40.

Iowa: Chad Greenway will be worked in a little more into the defensive schemes although he may not be ready to put on his cape quite yet.

Advantage: PURDUE

Defensive Backs

PU: A veteran unit led by All-American FS Stuart Schweigert. Banks had better be wary of this group, as they will pick many pockets.

Iowa: Iowa's inexperience here has cost us dearly. The small Iowa corners will be tested again. It may be time for true freshman, Jovon Johnson, to start. Parker's must come up with a plan.

Advantage: PURDUE.

Special Teams

PU: Berlin Lacevic's FG percentage (.333) wouldn't win a big league batting title.

Iowa: PK Kaeding is destined to kick on Sundays.

Advantage: IOWA.


PU: Looking for Hawk letdown

Iowa: R-E-V-E-N-G-E!

Advantage: IOWA

The ESPN National telecast begins at 11 a.m. The temperature should be under 50 at that time so forget the shorts. However, it should be dry. A perfect day for football!

This Boiler bunch just doesn't look as good as past editions. The Hawks must display the emotion that has carried them to huge first half leads and then maintain themselves for the come from behind capabilities of Orton. However good he is, he isn't Seneca Wallace.

A boilermaker is whiskey and beer. What a way to ruin good beer. That won't happen at the start of ‘Hawktoberfest'!


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