ISU Week: Julian Vandervelde Q&A

Julian Vandervelde, though just a redshirt freshman, is gaining a reputation as one of the 'go to' players for a fresh quote. He had plenty to say on the Iowa-Iowa State game, including his hearing about his Saturday post game comments from the Iowa coaches...

Q: How did you feel, as an Iowa fan back in 2002, the next week after that loss? Was it hard for you?

Julian Vandervelde: It really was. The next week after the 02 week, was not a very pleasant week for me. I have a lot of Iowa State friends, and they did not let me forget about it. It wasn't just a week, or month, it was a year later, when the game came back around. It's hard.

Q: Does the fact that this is ISU week save you guys from a trap game? You just rolled Syracuse, and you have a Top 10 team in Wisconsin coming up I two weeks. Does it help you to stay focused?.

Vandervelde: It does for me. A lot of teams you would go in 2-0 and see them 0-2 and think that they have not played so hot, that you can back off. But this being Iowa State, is a game that we know is going to be tough, no matter what our record is or our record. A rivalry game keeps you focused, no matter where you are playing or what your records are. It's the sort of game where you have to bring your best. We have seen that in the past and know we can't do it.

Q: Is there anything fun to knowing you will be booed and hated on Saturday?

Vandervelde: I really think there is. If we go out there and they are booing us and its coming from every direction, I think we will enjoy that a little bit. It's fun. It's fun, weather they are cheering or booing, getting the reaction from the crowd gets you hyped up and ready.

Q: Do you guys feel ‘too good' after this last week's win?

Vandervelde: I don't think so. If we do this week, we will get caught in the Iowa-Iowa State trap and we will drop this game. We know that could happen and we have to work hard to not let that happen.

Q: You guys have a tough stretch coming up, have you looked ahead at all?

Vandervelde: I really haven't. I know that we have Wisconsin next week, but this week is the most important week right now. None of us is looking farther ahead than Saturday, because if we did, that is when we will drop on that we shouldn't be dropping.

Q: There doesn't seem to be a buzz around the state for this game, but it doesn't seem to be that way for you.

Vandervelde: We could both be 0-2, the whole rest of the nation couldn't give a damn, but this game will always mean a lot in this state. It means a lot to the players, coaches and more than anyone, the fans. It's not really about a buzz thing. It's just that this rivalry has always been so big, it will really take a lot for it to not be huge, for me.

Q: Is it hard to imagine this game not being played?

Vandervelde: If we didn't play ISU, the season wouldn't be half as fun as it is. As a fan, I remember this was a weekend that I would look forward to all year, taking this Saturday and not booking anything, calling some friends over to the house and throwing on all the Iowa gear and watching the game. There was a time we didn't play them. I wasn't alive for that stretch, but I can't even imagine a year of Iowa football without the Iowa-Iowa State game.

Q: You were quoted on Saturday as saying that you hate Iowa State. Did the coaches say anything to you about that?

Vandervelde: They did, they said a little something. I have to watch my mouth as far as what will end up in the papers. But I am not gonna stand here and lie to you guys.

Q: Do you remember Fred Barr saying things like that a few years back?

Vandervelde: I do not remember that, I wish I would have, I could have just quoted him and saved myself a lot of trouble.

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