ISU Week: Albert Young

Albert Young was on the field in 2005 when Iowa State shocked Iowa 23-3. Young had over 70 yards rushing in the first quarter of that game, but that was where the bright spots ended. He talks about that game and how it is always a battle, regardless of record.

Q: Some people call this the state's Super Bowl. What do you think of that?

Albert Young: It's a big game. It's huge. But it's the third game. I wouldn't call it the Super Bowl. That is the biggest game of the year. Everyone is supposed to improve. But it's a big game for both teams. People are messed up if they think we don't think that. We don't want to lose.

Q: Is this one of those barometer games, where you see where you stand?

Young: Yeah, because they are going to give us the best effort we have seen so far. It will be the best game of the season so far, that is a guarantee.

Q: Is this a good game before the Big Ten season, as far as intensity level goes?

Young: Oh yeah, we see it like that. It will not be the same team from the last two weeks, and everyone knows that. We will not be shocked by anything.

Q: What do you remember about being there in 2005?

Young: We played sloppy. We never gave ourselves a chance to win.

Q: You guys were running early, and then they got the momentum and it snowballed.

Young: We were driving past midfield, and turned it over. We gave them momentum and they took it. It's about us doing what we need to do and play sharp and hard.

Q: Do you guys feel like you are playing Iowa football again?

Young: I think so. We are going to keep pushing. We know what it takes, and we will try not to let that fall off.

Q: Did you expect this? You seem like you do, but that Minnesota game last year was rock bottom.

Young: A few losses can take that swagger away. We had time to regroup and our focus is to make sure we keep bringing it. We know when we play hard, we are going to be in every game. We just have to play smart and then the talent kicks in.

Q: What do you expect from Iowa State on defense?

Young: I think similar to what we saw in the bowl game. Unless their coach changed their entire philosophy, but they will be hitting and moving. That is what we know. We are expecting that.

Q: Does it make it easier to deal with teams stacking the box when you score 35 points?

Young: Oh yeah. You know when you see that box and start counting them in your head sometimes, like wow. Check out of that, you know? When teams do that, you make them pay.

Q: What about Jake checking out of those plays, from week one to week two?

Young: He has grown. He missed a few, he would tell you that. But he is growing.

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