ISU Week: Bryan Mattison

Bryan Mattison expects to line up across from a tough player on Saturday, no matter if Iowa State is 0-2 and coming off of a crushing loss against Northern Iowa. He talks about the Iowa-ISU game, as well as how he prepares for each and every contest.

Q: Do you know who you are going up against Saturday? How early do you lock into that?

Bryan Mattison: We watched a little bit of film on Sunday, because we only had 30 some snaps on defense, so we had extra time. But we start locking in today. This is the first time we will look at the scouting report.

Q: What is the first thing you look at as far as the guy you are up against?

Mattison: I guess if they put a game on, you just watch the game as it goes. For pass sets, you look at his feet and his hands. For run blocks, you look at his hands and how he comes across, how low or high he is. It's not that complicated. You guys could pick it up pretty quick. You just watch so much film, you know what is coming. You are so familiar with them.

Q: Do you look at their experience?

Mattison: Sure. If there is a player that is a four year starter, you notice that stuff. At the same time, we are playing a good team here, their coaches are going to have them ready. They will have their best guy out there and their best guy I am sure is pretty good.

Q: You have been a part of the rivalry for close to five years now, talk about what it means.

Mattison: It's a big game. It's a rivalry game. You hear everyone around town. In the paper the other day, there was a Beat State sign, and it was Monday, and I hadn't even seen film yet. We are excited about the game. It is a big game for both teams. And it's one of those games where they are 0-2, but you can throw out the records each year.

Q: Do you take pride in the defense having not yet allowed a touchdown?

Mattison: Yeah. It's nice shutting people out. It doesn't happen all the time. We are happy to get the win.

Q: Kirk said the offensive players don't get much of a break out there with you guys throwing all of those three and outs. Talk about the experience on the defense.

Mattison: There is experience here. That is the way it has worked out and that is nice. Three and outs are what we are going for. That is something that the offense can complain about, but that is good when they are tired.

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