UW Week: Jake Christensen Q&A

After Iowa's loss to Iowa State on Saturday, Jake Christensen could be found in the Iowa football offices evaluating tape of the game, looking for ways to get better. That was a revelation from Kirk Ferentz on Tuesday. Christensen spoke with the media on Tuesday about that, what he saw from the tape and the challenge ahead at Wisconsin.

Q: Did the crowd noise bother you on Saturday?

Jake Christensen: The only thing it affected was communication, the cadence. It was one time. It was loud, but we like that challenge.

Q: What are your feelings on the new curfew?

Christensen: Coach knows it's for our best interest. Being out and downtown after games is the last thing on our minds. It's one of those things that is the right thing to do. Most guys don't go out anyway. That is his decision and it's the right one. It's unfortunate that it takes that for us to stay out of trouble, but whatever it takes is what we should do.

Q: Albert said it pisses him off, the other guys getting into trouble, where you are now subject to a curfew.

Christensen: You have to treat everyone the same. We do everything together, lose, win, get into trouble as a team. If one guy is down, we are all down. Lance isn't a bad guy. He made a mistake, and he will come back for us. Coach is trying to make sure that we all focus on football.

Q: How much did Saturday's loss stick in your craw? Kirk said that you were back here watching film after the game on Saturday.

Christensen: It bothered me, it will always bother me. Losing is not something that any of us accept. I don't think any competitor is good with it. At the same time, you try to take the good out of it if you can find any and learn from your mistakes and not make them again.

Q: What did you take out of it, good and bad?

Christensen: One play I want to take back is the crossing route to Andy that I threw behind him, but that is over. We will go to work, and I will work on some of the routes that I missed in the game this week and tidy those up and have a better outcome this weekend.

Q: What have you seen of Wisconsin on film?

Christensen: They are a good team, we know that. They are solid. They are pretty physical. I am not sure what the gameplan is yet, we will find out later today. We will have to run the ball, we know that. To win in the Big Ten, you have to run the ball, especially on the road.

Q: Do they blitz a lot?

Christensen: They blitz like everyone else. Everyone will bring pressure. I am young, the offensive line is young, so we expect pressure all year.

Q: Has it been hard to find rhythm with the receivers, since you and they are young for the most part?

Christensen: A little bit. I think anytime, no matter if you are a four year starter, you are trying to find it the third or fourth game of the year. We have gotten better and hopefully we will take a step this week.

Q: The crowd was tough last week, but Wisconsin will be louder.

Christensen: It was pretty loud at Iowa State. Once you get to the point where it's hard to hear, it can't get louder. It will be a good test for us, we are excited about the challenge and we look forward to it. Now that we have one tough road game under our belts, hopefully things can get better.

Q: What did you see on film from the first half against Iowa State that you would like to do better?

Christensen: First and second down, negative yardage plays. I can help by not taking sacks. That stuff puts you in third and long, and the numbers are not in your favor. We have to get to third and short and our odds get better. Then converting on third down and keeping drives alive.

Q: Did ISU try to take Tony away?

Christensen: A little bit. Not overly to a point where he wasn't open. We have other guys that are capable to step up.

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