UW Week: Albert Young Q&A

Albert Young is never one to hide his feelings, or guard his words. He was outspoken on Tuesday on a number of topics, including the new curfew that Kirk Ferentz has instituted for his football team, the challenge ahead at Madison this week, and more...

Q: Does the loss to ISU still linger?

Albert Young: We are over it. We have a great opponent in Wisconsin this week, national TV. You can't beat ABC telecasts. If that doesn't get you focused, nothing will.

Q: This team has been good at bouncing back from losses and playing well the next game through the years; why do you think that is?

Young: When you lose, the problems are evident. They are easy to see on film and you have to correct it. Our number one thing is our effort, coming out fast and starting strong.

Q: Have you guys talked about why the effort wasn't there at the beginning on Saturday?

Young: You can't figure that out. It's hard to pinpoint something like that.

Q: How do you make it not happen again, if it's hard to figure out how it happened?

Young: You know the approach you took wasn't right, so you have to change it. That is all that it is. It may seem more in-depth than what it is. It comes down to playing better.

Q: How close are you guys to putting things together; you were solid against Syracuse, but other two games haven't been that outstanding.

Young: One game we did have two backs over a hundred, so I don't know if that is a poor performance or not.

Q: Coach says it's about scoring points.

Young: We scored more than the other team, and that is what we really care about. We have the pieces there. This game is going to be a true test to see where we are, how we are mentally and bouncing back from a loss, so we will see a lot of things about this team this week.

Q: Do the stakes go up with Big Ten play?

Young: Definitely. It's a conference game, the goal is to win the conference, and this is the first game on that goal.

Q: It was a tough crowd at ISU, but you know how tough it will be at Madison,

Young: It wasn't really that tough at Iowa State. We didn't play right. That wasn't too bad. But Wisconsin is going to be a different story, we all know that.

Q: And the Badger defense?

Young: They are very good. A lot of guys who play, they have a lot of confidence now as they should. They have a nice winning streak and we will try to go up there and play well.

Q: You are on the leadership council, what are your feelings on the suspensions?

Young: Well, we talk about it. There is punishment for guys breaking the rules and we agree with it. It all comes down to what Coach Ferentz wants, but he runs things by us.

Q: Last year, Iowa had good success against Wisconsin in a down year. How do you explain that?

Young: We do match up well. You can't look too much at the past, but they are ranked pretty high. We have had some good games against them in recent years, so it's not like they are invincible.

Q: How do you feel about curfew? Is it necessary since people are not getting the message?

Young: Guys are getting into trouble. He felt it was necessary.

Q: As a senior on the leadership council, how much of a responsibility is it for you to make sure things don't happen, keeping people out of trouble?

Young: We can only do so much. It's not like we have a baby monitor on guys. When it comes down to it, you have to make decisions and decide whether the team is important enough to you. That is what it comes down to. As teammates, if we see something wrong, we have to do something . But it comes down to guys making the right calls.

Q: Does it piss you off? You didn't do anything.

Young: Definitely. I would be lying if I said we were all excited about it. I am 22 years old. But it's necessary, and that is what it comes down to. We are all a team. Penn State had to clean up their stadium for a few guys making wrong decisions. So we all have to take the blame, and we all support it and we will be fine.

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