Indy Week: Charles Godfrey Q&A

Charles Godfrey and his teammates in the secondary will face and old and familiar nemesis this weekend; Indiana receiver James Hardy. Hardy has 20 catches for more than 300 yards in his two career games against the Hawkeyes. Godfrey talks about that match up and more...

Q: Is there a sense of urgency, in not wanting to start the Big Ten 0-2?

Charles Godfrey : We take it week by week. It's not about 0-2, it's wanting to win this week and worry about that. But of course you don't want to start 0-2 in the league. That is too big of a hole.

Q: Talk about the spread offense and defending the pass

: They will play the spread, and we will have to bring in more DB's to defend that. I don't know what we will do until that comes.

Q: What makes James Hardy so tough to guard?

: He is a great receiver. He has height, speed and they throw the ball up there for that guy. He has great ball skills.

Q: Does a mobile quarterback change the way you have to defend?

: Not only do you have to worry about the receivers, but you have to worry about him getting out of the pocket. Now we have to cover a little bit longer until we get the quarterback. It's not easy.

Q: Since the Cap One Bowl, you guys are 0-7 in games decided by four points or less. What hasn't the team done and what needs to be done to win those games?

: I don't know what we haven't done or what we need to do. We need to come out and fire. We did that last game. We played well against an excellent team.

Q: Is it important to reroute receivers?

: You want to get in their face. Putting your hands on them, because a lot of linebackers and DB's will sit back and let the receiver run, which is easier for them. Get up in their face and knock them off balance and make them go east and west to start with. That changes them up. You try to make their job harder.

Q: Is that more crucial against a spread?

: Yes, because it knocks off their timing. The receiver and the quarterback have timing, so that will affect that when you can knock them off their route.

Q: The Big Ten has had rough time vs the spread this year. Are you tired of that stigma?

: I wouldn't say so. Whatever. Football is football. There is everything. A spread, running offenses, you have to adjust to everything and that is what a good defense does.

Q: You guys played some 3-4, some nickel and dime last week.

: Anytime we can play man to man, I love that.

Q: Who is faster you or Chaney?

: I don't know. I have never raced him. I think that I probably am fastest.

Q: Do we make too much of speed?

: I don't know. Speed is a good thing to have. You can't teach that. If a football player has it, there is an upside. But it's more than speed in this game. You have to have physicality, the knowledge to play the game. But I have been blessed by God to have the speed.

Q: Are you faster since you got here?

: I have been working under Coach Doyle and I am stronger. I think my running form has changed.

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