Iowa Adds Second Junior Commitment

The Iowa Hawkeyes received news this past weekend of their second verbal commitment in the 04' recruiting class in 6'4 240 DE Ted Bentler from Davenport Assumption. Ted has quickly emerged as one of the top juniors in the state of Iowa and alongside LB Matt Kroul has already helped start a terrific start to the class of 04'.

The Hawkeyes have seen their versions of early commitments in football in the past, only to soon see some of them backfire. Tom Bentler, Ted's father, did not hesitate to remove any uncertainity in Hawk fans minds' to rest.

"No, we do not expect any change of decision," Tom Bentler stated in the admist of holding a Davenport Assumption football party for his son. "I don't see any chance of that happening. He made his decision, and he and his whole family are happy with it. He has already received a lot of attention at this point, dating back to football camps he attended in junior high. He made a well thought out decision."

At 6'4 240 with 4.6 speed, it is not hard to see why Ted has been coveted at such an early stage in the recruiting process. He has been a varsity starter since his sophmore year playing at LB, DE, DT, and FB. He also is very impressive in the weight room with a 560 and 365 max in squat and bench, respectively. In fact, his dedication to strength & conditioning was a large part of his early decision.

"The weightlifting program at Iowa is very impressive," Tom Bentler added. "Our whole family is big into weightlifting, and you will not find much better than Iowa's program. Coach Doyle does a great job there and definitely makes men."

The coaches at Iowa City once again had a big influence, as well.

"The coaches at Iowa were fabulous. Coach Ferentz and Morgan were both great. They were very genuine and polite throughout the whole process."

Still sensing the state of Iowa as a Hawkeye state, many would have to wonder how Iowa can do so well early with the recent streak of Iowa State.

"We really liked Dan McCarney and the staff at Iowa State. They have a great program and are doing tremendous things in Ames. There were a lot of variables in our mind that helped choose Iowa City. It closer to home for Ted and there was a very special feeling with the people in Iowa City, taking nothing away from Ames, though. We love the state of Iowa."

Many times, after a highly sought after prospect makes an early decision, the rest of high school can become somewhat slow and boring. How will the Ted and the Bentler family use the time in the next two years?

"Ted is just going to focus on the rest of his high school career. He may join the basketball team this year. He takes his strength & conditioning very seriously, including participating in a local acceleration program. He knows that he will have to prepare himself for the big boys on the college level."

The Iowa Hawkeyes have plenty of kickers on scholarship, but will always be looking to still add a potential quality walk-on or even a punter on scholarship. One of Ted Bentler's senior teammates, WR/K Jon Chupka, could be a strong possiblity. had heard reports of Jon dating back to the summer of 00' whe he attended Iowa's football camp. Tom Benter was not shy in sharing praise for Chupka.

"He's an amazing kicker. Against Davenport North this year, he kicked a 51 yard field goal and I believe he kicked a 60 yarder at Iowa this past summer. It would be a serious shame if someone doesn't pick him up as I alerted the Iowa staff of my personal recommendation."

Hawk fans certainly have to be happy in Iowa's fast start in both the season and recruiting trail. Make sure you get out to catch some action of Davenport Assumption in watching one of the elite preps, Ted Bentler, and a very possible future Hawkeye kicker in Jon Chupka.

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